How sustainable swimsuits have helped boost my self-confidence

August 04, 2020

What I Wore ♻️👇🏻
Attica Swimsuit - Dorina  (gifted)
Turtle print hair scarf - Recycled from @lush gift
Rings @daisy_jewellery

You have a choice of what you want to wear at the beach, pool or in your back garden and if the idea of wearing a two-piece isn’t something that you’re comfortable with then, you can select another piece of lycra which allows you to feel amazing in the sun. One of these items is of course, a bathing suit as this classic bodysuit is practical to wear inside or outside of the water. I like how swimming costumes can be multi-fictional and can be worn with some of our go-to summer wardrobe items and helps us create effortlessly stylish outfits to wear on holiday abroad or for a staycation. So for this occasion, I thought I would show you a swimsuit I’ve worn while sunbathing at home which is made from recycled and sustainable fabric. I decided to style this eco-friendly off the shoulder swimming costume with a vintage silk headscarf as the sea turtle print colour coordinate with my turquoise bodysuit and gave this attire a Mamma Mia vibe.

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