Here's what i've learnt from prioritising my well-being

August 02, 2020

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Paying attention to your well-being is essential for your self-growth journey, especially if you feel like you’ve hit a wall and have no control of a situation you’re facing. However, during this moment of uncertainty, we react in fear and lose confidence in ourselves to find a solution. Rather than hitting pause and focusing on our mindset, we carry on with our lives and absorb more negative energy which will take over our subconscious thoughts and emotions. It will blur out the problems we are facing, and it will prevent us from changing our lives for the better. After tuning into Bobbie’s recent mindfulness talks, it helped remind me why I value the importance of self-care and why we all need to exercise our minds in a more positive way as the majority of the time we are our own worst enemies. For example, we create stories in our minds which have no clear narrative, we feel the pressure of society for not meeting life or body shape expectations, and we are reluctant to make a change as we are scared of failure. We may not be able to see the future, but we do live in the present and your needs, values, aspirations and happiness matters.

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