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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Give yourself some self-love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day has always been known to be the day to declare your love for your partner or crush. However, if you’re single, you shouldn’t feel the need to use this day as an occasion to chase after a guy or girl. Instead, you can opt to celebrate February 14th with your closest friends or give yourself some TLC!

Self-love is something that we often forget to give ourselves. Whether that’s a, pamper night in, a short break away or just a switch off from social media. We often disregard what’s best for our well-being.

Alongside this, we also fill ourselves with so much pressure to reach for success in the wrong way. We fight for a perfect lifestyle that doesn’t exist and dismiss the great things we do every day as we choose to focus on our flaws rather than our strengths.

Instead, we need to hit refresh and remind each other that being selfless is ok. We need to learn to appreciate one another more and if anything treat ourselves once in a while!

Lace bralet- Hunkmoller & Playsuit - Pretty Little Thing

One thing that I’ve always enjoyed investing is lingerie. From a young age, I knew how important it was to get a correctly fitted bra and to be measured regularly - as your boob shape changes ladies! So I knew that this was something that I know many women out there neglect.

When it comes to fashion, I learned from many fashion icons growing up how underwear or shapewear can instantly change how you feel about your body. Whether that’s a comfy t-shirt bra, push up bra or lace bralet from Ann Summers or Hulkmoller these items can instantly make you feel happier in the clothes you’re wearing. So don’t feel like just because you’re not in a relationship, you can’t get a new set. If anything investing in new underwear for you. It will allow you to see your body in the mirror in a new way and grow to accept the way you look.

Also, we need to remember that no matter what gender we are we are all different and we need to embrace that individuality. We need to own our style and use fashion as a gateway to self-expression.  Underwear is the base of your outfit, and it’s something we need to take of advantage of when it comes to styling. It can change the way a dress, top or playsuit fits on your body and makes you feel instantly much more comfortable with your shape.  I decided to pair up this lovely lace valentine set from Hunkmoller with a nightwear playsuit from Pretty Little Thing to show you how you can dress conservatively but still sexy when you feel like exploring with your underwear drawer.

*Items gifted by Hunkmoller - Comments and images are my own

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Friday, 8 February 2019

Fancy trying out Lagree? Here's how my first class went at Love Lagree Leeds

Crop top- Topshop & Leggings - Flexxfit

I was kindly invited by Love Lagree to try out a new form of exercise which aims to develop yout flexibility and strength. This LA inspired workout involves using an M3 megaformer machine, and each movement aims to work each part of your body which is perfect for those of you who are looking for something fresh and new to try in Leeds.

I was excited to see how my level of fitness would come into play during this session. It’s safe to say that I felt the DOMs the next day. However, I noticed how incredibly relaxed I was after the first session as I thought I had allowed my body to stretch fully.

Along with that Lorraine and Craig were a delight as instructors. They gave an experience which I’ve never had from a class before as they checked on form and gave you positive motivation when you’re doing this right. They’ve also got years experience in the health and fitness industry and understand the littlest details when it comes to building a stronger and healthier version of yourself.

To find out more about their lessons please book here: https://www.lovelagree.com/ - Also your first lessons is free!

*Complimentary class Love Lagree

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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Why working with a photographer will help boost your confidence

Last year I had the pleasure of working with Matt McCormick on a street style themed photo shoot in Leeds. After discovering one another on Instagram we deciced to work together in the summer to get some shots by The Docks. I thought it would be a great idea to get some shots at North Star along with the waterfront to help exposed some great spots in Leeds to explore.

 However, during the photo shoot, it made me realise how working with a photographer can help build your self-confidence. Odd to say at first but trust me when I say this, but the right photographer will capture the real you. One that you might not have seen before when you’ve taken pictures of yourself especially when you’re a blogger.

After taking over 300 photos with Matt,  I fun photograph can be and how someone so skilled at photography captured me. The shots showed natural facial expressions such as laughter and smiling which he took when I wasn't nervous in front of the camera lens. These were the images that I wanted as that represents an accurate representation of me. One that I’ve wanted to share for so long on LDMV and my social media platforms like Instagram.

I know it's not in everyone's budget to work with professional photographer, but the blogger community has allowed so many people to collaborate with one another on so many great projects.  I've come across some fantastic images online which send a powerful message about body confidence, diversity or self-growth. These men and women have exposed themselves to the world to help make a change, and I hope one day I can help make a difference too.
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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

What to wear for Dinner date?

When it comes to dating, there’s a range of scenarios we overthink about when it comes to meeting a man or woman from Tinder, Bumble, Happn or rare occasion in real life. I can admit like many women who have experience modern day dating what it's like planning outfits and asking your friends for advice.

In my last post, I shared my thoughts on first dates and how I'd dress for a casual coffee date. However, if you've got an evening meal planned sometime in the future or for Valentines Day, it’s essential to wear an outfit which makes you feel stylish and comfortable at the dinner table. Whether you’re going out during the week or at the weekend this rule applies thought Monday to Sunday as you want to look and feel your best.

Usually, when I eat out, I tend to opt for a dish which is high in carbs like pizza or pasta. So I’ve decided to show you a look I wore a for a date night at Zizzi's which is perfect for hiding away a food baby. Also when it comes to ordering food don't feel the pressure to stop yourself from treating yourself.  If he or she is offering to pay the bills, don't shoot them down as they want to show a kind gesture. However, if you feel like you're able to contribute, then that is appreciated as well as I always make sure I do this on dates.

Vintage flannel tartan shirt- Blue Rinse Vintage, Mom Jeans- Topshop, Boots -Zara & Bag -Koko Couture

For this evening attire, I wore my vintage flannel in an off the shoulder style as I liked the relaxed but flirty style of shirt. I then paired the tartan print shirt with my Mom jeans and Zara boots (see similar here) as I wanted to wear a heel which was comfortable to wear throughout the night. Accessory wise I wore my studded Koko Couture bag with my suede yellow biker jacket to give my alt 90's themed look a rock n roll twist. I then finally, of course, I wore a red lip as it complimented my vibrantly coloured shirt.

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Thursday, 24 January 2019

Does Lymecycline cure acne? Here's what happened when I started taking antibiotics to treat my Cystic acne

July 2018 - Taken 6 months in Lymecycline treament

In November 2017, I felt the lowest I had ever felt in a long time. My skin was at its worst since I was a teenager and I didn’t understand why.

Rather than continuing to find a remedy through beauty influencers and magazine skin care reviews. I decided it was best to speak to a medical expert who can advise me what to do next.

November 2017 - Before taking Lymecycline

I decided to book an appointment at my local surgery so I could understand what was happening to my skin. I was fortunate to have an appointment with a GP who had experience dealing with patients with acne. During the consultation, he diagnosed me with cystic acne and went through options of medication which would be suitable for me to take regularly. I thought like many, I would have the opportunity to have Roaccutane, but due to the risk of strokes, I wasn't a suitable candidate for it. Instead, I walked away with a 6-month prescription of Lymecycline which would help clear up my breakouts on my cheeks and chin. Along with the antibiotics, I was advised to be on birth control ( Cerelle ) to help balance out any hormonal imbalances I had which were triggering spots to appear on my neck and forehead.

I began to take the tablets once a day as advised and within 8 weeks. I saw a difference in my skin. I no longer got spots after brow waxes, and I had no new bumps appearing on my cheeks.I continued for another four months until I noticed my skin clear up. However, after returning from France in September things started to change. The lymecycline was no longer working and as you guessed the spots started to come back.

October 2018 -After 9 months

It was a shock to the system.. I started to lose my self-confidence as I felt like my chance to have clear skin was taken away from me. I noticed spots appear in locations of my face that I’ve never had before like my chin (similar to period breakouts but x10).  I cried so much as I felt like a freak and I had no control over what happened next.  But I knew that there was only one solution I needed to see a dermatologist!
So I took the plunge and went private for a consultation as I wanted a second opinion. Similar to my GP the dermatologist advised that I should try another course of antibiotics, and include foods that I cut out of my diet. At first, I didn’t understand why as I knew milk was a NO go but cheese? The truth is that antibiotics damage your lower intestines, and you need probiotics that are in cheese and other food groups to help with your digestion (Here's a great article on Health Line which explains it all : https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/8-things-that-harm-gut-bacteria#section2 )

After leaving the consultation room with no cure. I decided to give my body a break from pills as I deep down I knew that being on nine months of strong antibiotics would have damaged my gut health, and that could be a reason why I’m breaking out again. 
January 2019 -  No medication and living a balanced lifestyle which focuses on rebuilding your gut health
Since I started to balance out my diet and take control of my anxiety, I noticed how my skin began to recover by itself.  I realised that the stress and strict eating had caused my skin to flare up. I knew this wasn't OK and that I needed to make a change for my own well-being. It took me a while to figure out that I wasn't in a good place mentally but after receiving support from friends and family that understood what I was going through it made a real difference.

I've noticed a change in me, one that I thought I'd be ever brave enough to be.  I've started to become more outspoken and I'm no longer afraid to speak up for myself. I've also understood what is it live a balanced lifestyle one that I believe I can enjoy and not feel guilty about. I no longer beat myself for having than more one meal out in a week as I train regularly and should enjoy some of life's perks such as food! But the main thing I've taken from this whole journey is how much happier I've been in my skin (inside and out) and that your mental health matters too. So to those of you who are going through this acne journey like I do every single day make sure you look after yourself as your anxiety,stress or if you're an over-thinker like me sometimes could be causing you to break out.
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