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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Why I felt out of love with Blogging

Blogging has been an incredible platform for many people who enjoy sharing their hobbies and career ambitions online.

However, over the years Blogger and WordPress started to become less popular. Rather than reading lengthy blog posts, blog readers preferred to watch Youtube content centered around fashion tips, beauty products or workout ideas.  Along with that social media  has grown and encouraged many fashionistas and beauty bloggers to share their sassy looks on Instagram.

And then before we know it 'influencers' came into the picture . They gained fame due to having a large following and partnerships with brands that fitted in their niche. But, like many who are too afraid to say. I believe that these applications are not always for the best intention. By this I mean people have withdrawn themselves from what's real and let themselves get absorbed into a fantasy world.

So why do people care about the number?

Gaining an audience is hard if you've started a blog, Instagram or Youtube channel as you'll face some form of a challenge when uploading your posts. Rather than writing about a topic, clothing brand or beauty product that you feel passionate about, it has become a place where people have to create content for the wrong reasons. On top of that, people are now getting confused about what is reality and what is fake. So you can understand why many bloggers who have started since day one filtered out and considered switching off for good.

So why did I hit pause? 

Coming from a background in journalism and having the power to be the voice for the general public. I learned that my aspiration in life was to share stories which I believe could make a difference in society.  As truthfully,  I always thought journalists were given a bad reputation. So I wanted to change that and give myself the opportunity to share posts on my blog which I was passionate about which at the time was fashion.

I chose this topic as I was an overweight teenager who struggled to find clothes that fit my body shape. I lacked self-confidence, and I found writing was the way I could share my enthusiasm for fashion and also show young women my age they can look fabulous no matter what size they were. But as time went on, I started to notice that the blogging standard had changed.

Outfit shots had to be taken outside in a beautiful location as bedroom wall snaps were no longer acceptable. The quality of the images had changed as well as many add filters to their photographs to make them stand out on social media. However, as someone who lived in a town with limited location with not many pretty buildings. I felt like I couldn't be as creative as everyone else when it came to street style.

I decided then to give myself a break and step away from the keyboard. I needed some time for myself as I started to question various aspects of my life. And one of the things on the list was where L'espoir De Ma Vie fitted in this new blog era?

But the thought of shutting down my page filled my heart with sadness as this was the website that kick-started my journalism career and gave me the opportunity to work with some incredible publications. With this blog, I was guiding women into feeling more comfortable in their skin which was important to me as I never had that guidance growing up.

However, it wasn't my dream to be a fashion blogger.  I wanted to create an online magazine which covers topics centered around health, fitness, travel, fashion and I guess some of my life too which I believe you can relate too. So, I've decided to hit refresh.

LDMV will now be a place where men and women can read articles that they can connect with in some way. I want to cover topics which are not shared in the press or highlighted enough in society. The internet is a great place to share your voice and that's why I'm taking on the opportunity to share more of what matters.
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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Why you should book an Air Bnb if you're going to Disneyland Paris

Booking a trip to Paris can be straightforward whether you’re traveling by plane, train or ferry. You’re filled with endless locations to stay in the heart of the city. However, if you're only planning to go to  Disneyland, I recommend grabbing yourself an Air BnB as it will save you the cash as the park’s hotels are pricey!


After I had purchased my Disneyland tickets and Jet 2 flights, I browsed Air BnB to look for flats within proximity to magical parks metro stop Marne-la-VallĂ©e. I came across this beautiful studio flat which is one stop away in Val D’Europe which was the perfect spot for Laura and me who were spending the weekend exploring Sleeping Beauty's castle, Toy Story Land, Neverland and Walt Disney Studios

I stayed in this gorgeous apartment for three nights which is nearly half the cost of most hotels in Paris and was near supermarkets, restaurants, and a shopping centre. On top of that, I fell in love with the owners choice of interior design as the mixture of Scandinavian furniture and DIY woodwork worked well together. 

To find out more about this studio apartment you can find more details here: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/20477172?euid=d8027ad5-2492-9e01-8f03-7f196254bacf - Please note that the price may variey depending on when you're intending to book.
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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Celebrating Halloween at Disneyland Paris

This time last week I was celebrating the end of Halloween in Disneyland Paris, and it was magical! 

I had the opportunity to relive my childhood and immerse myself in its Spooktacular scenery. Each section of park brought scenes of Disney films to life. Where that was exploring Aurora’s beautiful castle or coming face to face with Hook and his Jolly Rodger ship. You're able to relive some of your youth no matter how old you are.

Disneyland staff decorated the park in autumnal fashion as there were pumpkins, floral garlands scattered all over the premises. But it was significant moments from classic Disney films that got my attention as Maleficent's sorcery took over the castle as her thorns were scattered all over the castle.

On top of that, the entertainment was given a darker theme as the Evil Queen, hook,  Jafar, Cruella De Vil, Gaston, Claude Frollo, Lady Tremaine, and her daughters took the stage to give guests as gruesome welcome. Along with the sing-alongs Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the gang weren’t in their usual attire either as during the parade they had unique costumes just for Halloween!

Along with that Laura and I were fortunate to have two days in the park which meant we had plenty of time to watch the villain filled shows and meet legendary characters before we ran towards the thrill-seeking rides.
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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Dinner at Santorini Bar & Grill

Experience mouth-watering Greek and Turkish cuisine in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Santorini Bar & Grill is one of best spots in the city if you're craving Mediterranian food.

The beautifully decorated restaurant is located in the heart of Headingley, Leeds and serves a variety of authentic dishes made from only the finest and freshest ingredients which gives you the opportunity to try a range of dishes that cater to a range of dietary needs.

The menu gives you the opportunity to discover more about authentic Greek and Turkish cuisine. From the varied meze platters and slow cooked Kleftiko to homemade Mousaka and imported Mythos and Efes beers. Santorini Bar & Grill gives you a real flavour of the culinary delights of the Aegean and captures the cultural experience of dining abroad in such a wonderful location in Europe.

 It's variety of food choices gives you the opportunity to try a range of dishes which meet your food cravings. My go to dishes is the Hot Meze platter which is the perfect starter if you and your dining campanion are looking to try a range of classic Aegan nibbles. However for my main I went for my go too Greek favourite the Lamb Mousaka which is unreal. 

To find out more about Satorini Bar & Grills delicious menu check it out here: http://santorinileeds.co.uk/ 

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Monday, 17 September 2018

Leeds Beer Festival: What is it like?

Beer lovers rejoiced again for another year to attend the legendary Leeds International Beer Festival.

The annual event returned to its favourite hot spot in Leeds Town hall on September 6th until Sunday 9th, 2018 as a way to taste the worlds most flavoursome beers. Whether you're a fan of a pale ale, blonde or a flavoured beer than this event is the place for you.

More than 50 brewers attended the seventh edition of the festival - 18 from overseas and 33 from the UK which gave many people attending the brewery filled venue many beers to sample and purchase with tokens. Also for those who felt peckish after a few drinks they were able to venture outside the venue and try some of the areas most popular street food from Bunodust, Little Bao Boy and many more. 

However, amongst the endless amount of pint options and nibbles, the event ensures they capture some elements of culture as the US-themed room contains some of the world most popular arcade machines ranging Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Street Fighter. Along with that, the cellar section is a great place to unwind whilst sitting on tables amongst fairy lights and trees. On the other hand, if you someone who likes to have a dance each chamber has a range of music playing from different eras which get you moving.

The four-day event is the perfect place to hang out with friends, family or date for the day or evening, as you're able to take the chance to sample a range of beer from across the world - I recommend trying Yeastie Boys coconut flavoured beer or a fruity french blend which contains a touch of cheery if you've got a sweet tooth like me. Also if you're a fan of live music or Viking tales the legendary Thor Tipi has a range of artists appear on stage to entertain you whilst you drink.

The ticket prices range yearly so if this takes your fancy in 2019 book your tickets in advance. To find out more check out the Leeds International Beer Festival Page: http://www.leedsbeer.com/
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