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Sunday, 7 June 2015

City Break Accessories

                               Bag - H&M , Waist belt- Topshop , Sandal Heels & Watch- Urban Outfitters , 
                         Jewellery - H&M, Scarf- ASOS & Lipstick -Mac -Brick-o-la.

Selecting accessories which are within a neutral palette, will make your outfit planning a lot easier when it comes to packing for a short break.  With each outfit you’ll be able to give your look a city chic touch as the warm brown tones and leather accents will give you a more put together look.

Bags - A good sized shoulder bag is the most practical and safest on the go sack , as you’ll be able to keep your camera, phone and purse within arm reach however make sure you bring one which has a shoulder strap as you wouldn’t want it to snap.  As well depending on your location, If you’re heading to warmer climate opt for a side bag which is more of brown or cooler tone as it will  as it will draw the sun away from your bag and stop it from burning your arm and heating up your gadgets. 

HeelsWhen it comes to packing shoes you want to think about what is practical as more than likely you’ll be doing a lot of walking. A wooden sandal heel is the best option when it comes to grabbing the right city break shoe , as not only will the wooden block battle against uneven surfaces but it give you some extra height but it will keep your toes and soles of your feet comfy whilst tackling those cobbled paths. 

Waist Belt A waist belt is an essential in your accessories travel kit as the leather belt will help define your body shape.  Select a waist belt which is within neutral colour palette and contains metallic accents as not only will the embellishment give your outfit a touch of glam but most of it will help you give you the right guide line when it comes to picking out jewellery for your look.

Jewellery  Aim to select the simplest pieces out of your jewellery collection as the minimal themed bijoux will give your outfit an artistic touch . As well the silver or gold collar and ear pieces will help finish your outfit as it will compliment the rest of your neutral toned accessories such as your waist belt and bag. Add a suttle pop of colour to your look through wrist wear like watches. Which can colour coordinate with your favourite lipstick. 

Scarf- Whether it’s a light weight or thick a neck-wrap will not only give your outfit a boost of colour and pattern but it’s multi purpose use will not only help protect you against the UV rays and cold weather . But it can also be used as a blanket or throw for a holiday picinic whether that’s sat on the grass  in front of the Effiel Tower or on Barcelona’s luxurious sandy beach. 

Let me know if this city break accessory list has helped you with by tweeting me with the hashtag #citybreakaccessories .
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Mock Up A Mocha

We can all admit early mornings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and the thought of taking the time to make breakfast yet alone a caffeine filled beverage can be quiet a chore in itself.  However this quick and easy coconut brew is perfect for those of you who are looking for energy boosting pre-work out drink or a morning pick me up. 

        x2 Mugs ( x1 microwave safe)
 x2-3 Tsps of granulated coffee.
 x1.5-2 Tsps of macca power 
5-10ml of hot water
Coconut Milk 

Whilst letting the kettle boil ,  take ¾ of a mug full of coconut milk and warm it up in the microwave for approximately one minute . Lift the boiled kettle from the hob and pour 5-10ml worth of hot water into the second mug and mix coffee and macca powder together.  When the coconut milk is ready to be taken out of the microwave pour the warm drupe liquid into caffè mocha mix and enjoy! 

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Traveller Tips For Berlin

The pocket friendly booklet written by Lonely Planet is ideal for any tourist who wants to learn the basics about Berlin, as the travel guide highlights the top sights to see along with inspiring you to explore into the German nightlife and of course indulge into some delicious multi cultural cuisine.  With its pull out map the booklet provides a detailed layout of the city as it outlines the main attractions and metro stops, which makes your on the go exploring much easier as you’re able to plan your route. However standing aside from its insightful information about the local German lifestyle and must- see sights. The booklet doesn’t give you all the practical tips that you may need, especially if this it’s going to be your first time going to Berlin.

Limited Metro signs and tourist information - If you’re starting your journey from Schönefeld Airport you’ll shortly realise that there’s no information booths or signs, which will help guide to your accommodation whether that’s a hotel , B&B or flat. Purchasing a bag friendly tour guide will help you get round the basic of the metro route as the underground and over ground route displays are not very clear in the station as it does not follow the same rail plan as other cities like Paris and London.

Apart from the little blips of navigation the ticket machines offer tourists a great rail card deal, as the WelcomeCard  (€29) provides tourists with up to five days worth of unlimited rail access and discount towards some of the cities most popular attractions.

Checking out the sights -  The tourist attractions are fairly priced even without the Welcome Card discount you're able to explore the majority of Berlin's actechicture and historical sights without any finacial issues as the entry fees vary between 15-20 . If you're interested in taking a city bus tour please be aware there's two separate buses which can take you around the city  . The tickets cost roughly 12.50 (Welcome card discount ) and can be purchased in advance online or at the Alexanderplatz stop just next to the German Market.

The Markets – Depending on when you go visit Berlin there’s no traditional weekend markets that you’ll tend to find in other European cities .However you can find a dainty German market within the high street quarter in  Alexanderplatz, which is filled with unique souvenir shops and tasty treats such as Nutella Crêpes , Churros , Pfeffernüsses and authentic heart shaped ginger bread cookies .
No traditional German restaurants or bars- Apart from the cities well known Curry Wurst and Pretzles stands you wont find anything else that gives your taste buds a real taste of Germany’s cuisine.  As well alcoholic wise apart from the sophisticated cocktail bars you wont be able to find any traditional beerkeillers in Berlin.

Stepping away from wanting to try some pure German grub and beverages. Berlin’s multi cultural menu gives you the opportunity to try various restaurants that are catered to all nutritional needs.  So If you’re after a taste bud tingling repas try out the tapas restaurant in Hackescher Markt .As well for those of you who have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to check out the Häagen-Dazs café as the desserts are delightful.

On the go goodies - Keeping hydrated and well nourished is important when you’re on the go especially when you’re on a city break.  Within Berlin there’s plenty of Starbucks cafes located near the key sightseeing locations. However if this isn’t in your budget there's plenty of small  supermarkets scattered around the city centre which will allow you to stock up on water and some snacks to keep you energized.

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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Snapping back into Spring.


                         Snapback -Shopa * or you can find it through the Shopa app

 Custom Crowns has taken the classic baseball cap to a new level as they allow their customers  to have create control over their snapback. Their urban collection is filled with  many street and sport inspiration which aims to capture your personality through head gear.  The Velcro fabric and diverse choice of patches gives you the opportunity to give your outfit some 90's inspired street style as the head piece can instantly give your look some urban edge.

                                                          Giveaway opportunity 
In collaboration with Shopa you can be in with a chance of winning this snapback - Please tweet the hash tag   #shopasnappingspring  @CustomCrown to @lespoirdemavie .

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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Seeing the sights of Berlin

 Reichstag & Government Quarter

The roof top terrace and dome within the Reichstag Building allows it's visitors to witness of once in a life time view of Berlin's parliamentary and government quarter  which can be either seen during the day or night. Whilst overlooking the grounds through the dazzling glass cupola you're also able to see some of the cities other incredible landmarks.

Holocaust Memorial 

The memorials  maze layout gives you the opportunity to slowly walk through the paths take in it's powerful feeling of a cemetery. Stepping in between the concrete blocks truly makes you reflect on what happened to the victims of the mass murder and how architect Peter Eisenman wanted visitors to be able to pay their respects to those who had been killed.

Berliner Dom

Even though its exterior is covered in dark patches caused by the damage it suffered since its construction in 1905 . The Dom's turquoise roof top and  gold decorations makes this cathedral truly stand out whilst walking around in Berlin.

The Fernsehturn Tower

Near Alexanderplatz you'll find the humongous Fernsehturn television tower . The 368 meter high structure allows travelers to experience viewing the city from the tallest building in Germany. Architecturally the building itself resembles to other well known international skyscrapers such as the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

This famous church known as the "The Hollow Tooth" in Kurfürstendamm was damamged  during a bomb raid in 1943 however it's imperfect features such as is missing spike makes this church a unique sight to see within western Berlin. You can find some of it's remaining artifacts and missing architecture in the foyer next to the within standing tower.

The Berlin Wall - Eastside Gallery.

Eastside Gallery is known to be an international memorial for freedom. Whilst walking down the 1.3km long path you'll be able to see the creative and symbolic art work displayed on each slab of the Berlin  Wall which reflects on the walls history through its powerful messages.

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