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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Street Style : Crossing Stripes

   The nautical trend has dropped its anchor for this spring as the iconic stripes stormed the catwalks at this seasons London Fashion Week.  The seamen prints simplistic style is ideal for you if you’re looking to update your wardrobe with a basic t-shirt which channels a clean and contemporary look.  However if a two-tone colour pallet isn’t to your taste then give this minimal item a lumberjack twist by layering it with checkered shirt.

21 Day Fitness Challenge

Diet and exercise is an essential part of our everyday lifestyle as our bodies depend on good nutrition and fitness as it helps us stay healthy inside and out.  If your goal is to lose weight or tone up you must learn first of all to create fresh new diet plan, which based around food containing high amounts protein, vitamins and low carbohydrates, as this will help improving your fitness. This dietary information if vital if you aim to see results as these ingredients will give you the energy to push yourself harder during those crucial work outs whether that’s cardio or weight training.

Research has proved that it takes 21 days to create a habit so what better way to put this to the test and give ourselves the motivation to kick start out own health and fitness goals.

Ditch the diet books – Dietary books aren't made to cater everyone so the may not necessarily help you achieve you goal. Instead look up some alternative health advice. Magazines such as Women’s & Men’s Health help provide their readers with scientific facts about nutrition and give some great step by step work out tips which you could either use when you’re at home or at the gym.  

If grabbing a mag isn’t your thing the Internet is a gold mine if you're looking for fitness inspiration . Youtube provides some great at home workout routines : BetFit , Blogilates  , The Lean Machines . As well Bloggers such as Lydia Millen , Particia Bright  have some great exercise and health tips on their websites. 

Plan ahead and keep a diary –   This is a vital rule to any health and fitness goal as it’s important to track your progress . Preparing your meals in advance and keeping notes of your work out routine will help make the journey less stressful and more of an enjoyable experience for you to look back on.

Get some new gear – Buying some new gym gear will help give confidence to hit the gym or be brave to work out outside your home.  Also purchasing the right gear will most importantly help improve your posture and performance during your workouts , so don’t forget to ask for advice especially when it comes to purchasing your trianers ladies and gentlemen.

Gym buddying –If you’ve held back from going to the gym because you don’t want to go on your own maybe bring a friend or family with you as they’ll help you prep for exercises and motivate during your sets. 

Don't Stress Remember endorphins are being release when you’re working out so relax when you’re working  out don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or how long it will be until you see results . ‘Practice makes perfect’ so keep going

Drink More - It's vital to keep hydrated as much as possible when you're changing up your fitness routine . So aim to to drink at least 2litres a day . 
Easy tip make sure you have a 1litre bottle with you whether it's at work or when you're doing your workouts as you're able to track the amount you've drank judging by how many refills.

Hopefully these tips will help those who, like me who are gearing up to make a lifestyle change for 2015.

Working Monochrome with Amy Pham.

Amy Pham  is an LA-based DJ, TV/ Internet Presenter, and Model who is well know for her unique sense of style.  Pham’s interpretation on the latest SS15 trends reflects on her fashion admiration of minimal silhouettes and neutral tones such as ‘white’.

 Through her Instagram account @iamamypham she posts her  latest juxtaposed inspired outfit snaps and video style guides on Toutube . On  the hit fashion and music channel 'The Platform'  Amy Pham explains how easy it is  to create an effortless edgy outfit with a simple monochrome colour palette.  Following the high fashion routes of the black and white colour scheme . Amy Pham guides her viewers on street style and music inspiration can help you transform this chic and tailored trend into effortless day time or evening looks .

 Key SS15 trends - Long line blazers, Ripped jeans , Cut out heels and boots, Pure white lace, Relax day time jerseys , Festival band t's and of course the signature leather jacket which helps you become the ultimate rock chic. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentines Gifts Ideas For Him

001)   The guy who’s into his music or plays an instrument e.g. a guitar -  If you really want to pluck his heart strings get your music man a custom made plectrum.

002) The guy who’s  into  scifi or superhero films -  If you want to tickle his spidey senses how about you grab a comic which relates to a favourite movie or tv show he loves , I’m sure he will find it entertaining to read.

003) The guy who is well groomed  e.g. beard/ facial hair and likes to chill  – if you want to show him how to really appreciate some relaxation time introduce him to some beauty 
products which will benefit his current look and keep his skin smelling good and feeling soft.

004)  The guy who’s got a sense of humour-  Playing on tradition how about you play the romantic card and give the romantic themed a masculine twist. Treat you man to interesting hamper or floral bouquet which is filled with his favourite treats .
005)  The guy who’s into gaming -  If you really want to push his buttons , get a game 'upgrade ' package on the latest game he’s loving at the moment. Or if you're not sure what that may be for the majority of consoles you can purchase an  online top up which can be used for a current game or towards online gaming.

006) The guy who’s quite artistic e.g. into photography-  Stepping away from selfie stick…. if your man likes to pap some snaps consider looking iPhone camera gadgets .This fish eye lens set is practical for photographers who are always on the go.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Crusading Into The Autumn Chills.

                            Hat-Zara , Scarf- River Island, Top-Forever21 ,
                         Jeans, Bag &  Coat-Topshop& Boots - Missguided.

001)          Tailored themed looks return this autumn season, as neutral hue toned outwear aims to give your professional attire a quirky sartorialist twist.  Layering up with jumpers, coats and winter accessories such as hats allows your seasonal-appropriate outfit to become more versatile as it allows your to channel a dashing sartorial style. 

002)      For this outfit I wore my floral and lace baby doll top with my burgundy jeans as the autumnal warm tones within the floral print top complimented the deep burgundy shade of my skinny jeans.  I then layered the outfit with my camel tailored coat and my tartan burgundy scarf , as the beige and grey under tones of the coat and tartan print colour coordinated with my baby doll top and gave a tailored cut to my sartorial outfit. Accessory wise I wore my Indiana Jones esc khaki fedora as the moss green shade gave an edgy vintage twist to my autumnal outfit.  Shoes wise, for my smart casual look I wore my western ankle boots , as the croc texture and silver hard wear  matched the design of my handbag and gave a quirky cowgirl touch to my sartorial ensemble.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Prepped Up For Autumn

       Jacket (Blazer)  -Zara, Crop Top - River Island , Playsuit & Belt -Urban Outfitters,
                 Bag-Topshop, Tights- Primark,  Scarf & Brogues- New Look.

001)    The classic autumnal palette of deep reds , musky greens and vibrant yellows  allows you this season to mix and match pieces in your wardrobe, which will allow you to create a variety of quirky preppy looks  through basic layering . This quick and easy tip is essential if you want to prepare yourself for those unexpected chilly afternoons and evenings that crop up during this time of year.

002)    For this outfit I layered my floral burgundy playsuit over my striped crop top as the nautical print colour coordinated with the blue and white flowers within my playsuits design. Jacket wise I wore my khaki waterfall blazer with my tartan/hounds tooth print scarf , as the soil coloured green and double sided print scarf gave a military touch to my preppy outfit. Accessory wise I wore my turquoise Aztec belt as the vibrant green shade gave a pop of colour to my playful daytime ensemble and helped define my waist and the frilled design of the playsuit.  Finally shoes and bag wise, I wore cut out ox blood brogues as the deep red leather and cut out design gave an edgy touch to my back to school outfit whilst blending with the sultry red shade of the floral playsuit.


Friday, 17 October 2014

Date With The Wardrobe

              Online shopping has molded itself into our every day lifestyle mainly because wear find it convenient and easy to bargain shop from the comfort of our own home or office. After a while that satisfying shopping experience that we all enjoy loses it's purpose as the clothing, shoes and accessories that we’re clicking though on various online websites merge together on the screen in front of us become less appealing.

What if there was a possibility to have a personal shopper at hand? One that we could just activate and communicate right from our finger tips, which is programmed to listen to our fashion dilemmas and clothing queries.

Mallzee App

               Mallzee connects the buyer into a new world of online shopping and makes the date with the wardrobe experience a lot more fun and worth while, as it not only educates you on the latest trends but enables you to discover completely new looks which match your personality and body shape. This piece of software takes online shopping to a new level as the fashion trend filled program has hand selected  some of the best high street and online brands , which could help you totally transform your wardrobe this Autumn and Winter season.  Within seconds of creating a profile on this app . A mini capsule wardrobe will appear before your eyes and it allow you to have the power in your hands , as the app will  let you decide which items you like or dislike from the options which have been displayed on your screen.

The app first all requests an email address s you're able to log into the app on your accord. As soon as you're logged on, the app will load onto your screen from there you're able create your style feed group . ( This is where all your wardrobe must haves will be stored).

Like a real life personal shopper it will then ask you what item you're ideally looking for  and your colour preference.

 Following that it will allow you to select the brands of your choice and what budget you're looking for.

Outfits suggested by Mallzee.

All - Forever 21.

        Following the American street style inspiration , Mallzee suggested some alternative items which would help create a rock chic inspired outfit.  This particular outfit is ideal if the Boho trend caught your attention over the summer period , as the return of the floral kimono and ripped acid wash jeans gives the charcol tones within the outfit a feminine grunge twist. The app then suggested layering the outfit with a tope pastel grey over sized cardigan ,  a black fedora hat and a mixture of geometric silver jewellery, as this will give the cut out denim outfit a bohemian laid back touch.

All - Forever 21.

            The next outfit is inspired by the preppy trend  which has sprouted back into this  A/W season with a refreshing new look. The college girl inspired garments are filled with cool and neutral tone floral prints, which aim to revitalize your wardrobe during the colder months. Mallzee suggested this cut out waist floral shirt dress and chunky over sized black cardigan , as the boho and tailored pieces gave a feminine twist to the masculine choice of accessories such as the biker boots and bowler hat. Whilst the monochrome striped scarf adds a chic touch to the juxtaposed look.

Hat, T-shirt & Scarf - Urban Outfitters & Bag-Forever 21.


             This casual autumnal look is ideal for you if you're looking for an outfit, which prepares you for those unexpected chilly afternoons and evenings.  A quirky themed t-shirt gives an essence of your personality to an outfit and shows you're not affraid to embrace your inner geek chick.  Accessory wise the outfit is layered with essential A/W knitwear such a bright blue beanie and tartan scarf,  vibrant hat gives a pop of colour whilst the mossy monochrome tartan scarf gives an extra print to the outfit.  As this is an on the go look , the leather and leopard print shoulder bag , gives a rock twist to the causal comic con inspired outfit as the neutral tones from bag colour coordinated with the warm tones in the galactic t-shirt. 

Dress- ASOS & Scarf- Forever 21.

            Finally this last look is ideal if you're looking a fun and flirty outfit for a date night. This monochrome and daisy print smock dress is filled with a mixture of trends such as floral , monochrome and gingham . The melange of prints makes this dress in particular very versatile and a great start out piece if you're looking for dresses to help rejuvenate your wardrobe.
             Layering up the outfit is straight forward as you simply follow the colour coordination given in the dress , for this particular outfit I would suggest going for a black and white scarf as it would add a winter chic touch to the daisy dress. For a slightly chilly evening , wear a leather jacket or thick blazer as it will add an edgy touch to the floral outfit. Accessory keep it minimal and wear  a waist belt,  as it would help shape the dress to your body shape as it will define your waist. Finish  of the outfit by wearing the leather and leather bag , which Mallzee suggested in my day time 'laid back' themed outfit as the leopard print colour coordinates with the yellow shade in the daisy design and gives a wild twist to the floral look.

             All these items that you've liked are stored into your own fashion bucket list as the ‘Saved’ option on Mallzee allows you to retrace those items you’ve liked just at a tap of a button on your smart phone or tablet.  As well you’re able to create more than one style feed group, which is perfect if you want to avoid the hectic seasonal shop during the Christmas period, as you’re able to track down gifts just from the palm of your hand.  Not only does its easy step by step system direct you towards finding some incredible budget friendly pieces and styling tips it also gives you the opportunity to find gifts for friends and loved ones.  

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tope Pastels

All Urban outfitters -Bralet ,  Playsuit, Necklace, Belt and Shoes  -Urban Outfitters , 
Cardigan- Forever 21 , Tights -Primark and Bag -Vintage.

  001)           The Autumnal season sweeps back in this October with a fresh new pallet of pastels. Tope Pastels are the latest shades to appear on various bohemian,preppy and sports chic inspired garments for A/W , as these soft iridescent colours aim to help you achieve a bold or quircky feminine 90's pop and preppy inspired look.
002)    For this outfit I wore my teal cut out bralet under my frilled tope floral print jumpsuits as the cross wired piece of lace  lingerie colour coordinated with the  green and blue tones of my floral one piece and  added an edgy touch to my  boho preppy ‘back to school’ outfit .  I then layered the petite jumpsuit with my muted pastel pink cardigan as the candy pink shade complimented the neutral tones within the floral design of my playsuit and gave a  feminine but yet autumnal touch to  my American inspired bohemian look.  Accessory wise I wore my turquoise Aztec belt as the vibrant green shade gave a pop of colour to my tope pastel ensemble and helped define my waist and the frilled design of the playsuit.  Jewellery wise I kept the look minimal and wore my silver mythological coin pendant, as the spiritual inspired necklace matched the theme of my laid back preppy day Finally shoes and bag wise, I wore my leather  my navy leather sandal esc pumps and my vintage caramel toned shoulder bag as these autumnal shades gave a final pop of colour to my outfit whilst blending with the multi coloured tote pastel shades of my frilled playsuit.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Flared up Kimono

                                  Cardigan & Necklace  -Urbanoutfitters , Jumpsuit- American Vintage(*) , 
                                                  Belt -Topshop , Bag -Primark and Shoes - ASOS.

001)    This seasons oriental theme has flared up a new style of ‘Chic’ to appear this summer, as luxurious over sized Asian pieces have transformed the tailored trend by giving it a Samurai warrior vibe. It’s loose fit style gives you the opportunity to incorporate weightless items into your wardrobe, which will flatter your body shape. 

002)    For this outfit I wore my peplum kimono jumpsuit as the flared out detail of the frilled waist and cropped legs helped create a oriental touch to my vintage bohemian look, whilst the monochrome design within the jumpsuit gave a hippie chic touch to my outfit. I then layered up the one piece by wearing my over sized light weight cardigan, as the backless lace detail and sparkled grey tone colour coordinated with my two tone jumpsuit, whilst giving a relaxed feel to my boho look.  Accessory wise I wore my black and gold black waist belt, zip shoulder bag and geometric necklace as the metallic shade complimented the bronzed tone in my hair and gave a pop of colour to my Asian inspired outfit. Finally shoes wise, I wore my leather sandal heels as the petite heels gave an edgy element to the achromatic ensemble.