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So you’ve decided to go for a shopping trip with your friends, partner or family member. But you’re unsure where to go coffee?

If you're a local or new to Leeds, you'll notice that there are several mainstream coffee shops scattered across the city centre, however, If you need caffeine and want to go somewhere quieter. I highly recommend Mrs Artha's.

I recently visited this little cafe which was located next to Pop Boutique with my sister as a way to catch up in a much quieter environment.

I opted for an oat latte and shared a delicious piece of peanut and jam brownie. Whilst relaxing and chatting away, we both agreed that the quality of the coffee was terrific and the interior design choice made this spot a lot more intimate. Also location is perfect if you’re wanted to chit chat in peace, go on a date or get some work done in an area where you won’t be disturbed.

Towards the end of last year, I was fortunate enough to see Whoopi Goldberg's stand up show at the First Direct arena in Leeds.

On arrival, I remember entering the main entrance with my friend Jess thinking am I really going to see the Oscar-winning actress who was best known for her role in Sister Act and Ghost? As I was surprised how she made sure to attend as many venues across the UK including in West Yorkshire.

During the performance, Goldberg gave her audience an insight into the A-lister lifestyle. Whether that was sharing information about her acting career of celebrity friendships with sensational actors like Robin Williams and Patrick Swaysezy. It was her honesty and her understanding of a 'normal' persons' lifestyle which got my attention as she shared some hilarious single life moments with the crowd which I found hilarious!

Along with that, she allowed the audience to ask her questions and she didn't hold back from answering. She shared her experience of what it was like living in Hollywood and how hard it was for her to get roles in films. However, it was how she shared opened up about grief and losing people she cared about which reminded me that celebrities are humans too. They lose people they love and they have to deal with balancing a busy work schedule and maintain a healthy social life. The struggle was real on both sides regardless of money.  However, her ability to make people laugh was a rarity and for a woman to the stage like that was empowering to witness.

I walked away from that show feeling like actresses like Whoopi Goldberg show a true reflection of hard work. She never gave up on her dream and she still does now what she loves and it's something that we forget to think about. Self love is so important and we shouldn't forget who we as people or what we'd like to do in life.

The secret to growing long healthy hair is making sure that you have a regular trim. Yeah, that's right, chopping off a few centimeters can increase the growth rate and allow your hair to look much healthier.

So how often should you go for the chop?

Depending on your hairstyle you need to take into the account the condition of your hair. Do you bleach it or dye it regularly? Do you have a shorter haircut? Or are you like me who forgets to book an appointment and deals with dry and split end hair?  If so you need to change the way you look after your long locks.

Hair products can only go so far with helping maintain a hairstyle as hair masks, oils, and deep conditioners temporarily give shine and nutrition to your hair. Some of the best products I've ever used are from Kérastase as they help protect your hair from straighteners, curling tongs or hairdryers. However, if you use heating tools regularly, it's important to make sure you that you trim your hair at least every 4 months.

I used to go up to 6 months without cutting my hair as I believed that was the way of growing long hair. But after a few months of avoiding scissors, I noticed how dry and weak my hair looked. So, I decided that I would get my hair appointment booked in much sooner.

Last month I visited my hairdresser Amy at her home salon to get a hair cut, blow dry and style. We decided to remove nearly 2 inches of my ends which may seem like a lot but trust me it was needed!

After Amy had finished curling my hair, I remember looking in the mirror and feeling a new sense of confidence as my balayage coloured hair looked so shiny and was so much better to style. The layers stopped my hair from tangled, and it now takes less time to use my GHD's.  So don't be afraid to trim your hair ladies as it will grow back!

The weekend is just around the corner, and you’ve planned to go on a shopping trip. But what should you wear if you’re planning to try on clothes?

When it comes to going out shopping with friends, family or my own.  I’ve worn a range of outfits which have left me feeling like an influencer who’s been snapped for London fashion week, or someone who has just got up out of bed and chucked whatever on is in sight.

On the occasions, I’ve decided to browse or try on garments on the high street. I’ve realised that I made some terrible choices when it came fitting room scenarios. I wore low denier or printed tights that are asking to get torn and dresses which have an awkward side zip as I wanted to look stylish.

So what did I do to make things easier for me while I strip off behind the curtain?

First of all, I took note on the staple wardrobe pieces which I generally like to try on in shops.  These clothing items tend to be jeans, jumpsuits, tops and sometimes swimwear if I’m planning to go away.

So I knew that I needed something that was quick and easy to remove and wouldn’t smudge my makeup and leave me feeling like a sweaty mess in changing room as we know it gets hot in there!

My go-to outfit at the minute which I label as casual day wear is a look that can be worn for the office on dress down days or for shopping trips. Picking a pair of denim that suits your figure, a cute top, and staple jacket or coat are the basics to a comfortable but yet stylish day time outfit.

I wore my polka dot off the shoulder top with a pair of mom jeans with my studded biker jacket, Doc Martens and mini backpack. As I wanted to wear an outfit which is ideal for lots of walking ( you’ll be surprised how many steps you do ladies and gents when you’re out shopping), brunch or dinner and in my case for evening drinks with my best friend.

TIP- Remember you have the flexibility to change up your shoes and accessories to tailor this to the location you’re visiting and your plans after hunting for bargains.

Shopping wise, I don’t often buy locally on a Saturday due to the high volume of people. However, on occasion, I choose to explore shops which have unique items or vintage clothes. Some of my go-to stores within Leeds are Blue Rinse Vintage,Best Vintage. But I also like some things that are currently in Topshop, River Island and Zara.

I will share more in upcoming posts and videos about my latest hauls and my tips on how to save money and make more sensible wardrobe choices.

In the meantime, you can check out my style guide to dressing for a first date or meal out with your love interest or your mates.

Valentine’s Day has always been known to be the day to declare your love for your partner or crush. However, if you’re single, you shouldn’t feel the need to use this day as an occasion to chase after a guy or girl. Instead, you can opt to celebrate February 14th with your closest friends or give yourself some TLC!

Self-love is something that we often forget to give ourselves. Whether that’s a, pamper night in, a short break away or just a switch off from social media. We often disregard what’s best for our well-being.

Alongside this, we also fill ourselves with so much pressure to reach for success in the wrong way. We fight for a perfect lifestyle that doesn’t exist and dismiss the great things we do every day as we choose to focus on our flaws rather than our strengths.

Instead, we need to hit refresh and remind each other that being selfless is ok. We need to learn to appreciate one another more and if anything treat ourselves once in a while!

Lace bralet- Hunkmoller & Playsuit - Pretty Little Thing

One thing that I’ve always enjoyed investing is lingerie. From a young age, I knew how important it was to get a correctly fitted bra and to be measured regularly - as your boob shape changes ladies! So I knew that this was something that I know many women out there neglect.

When it comes to fashion, I learned from many fashion icons growing up how underwear or shapewear can instantly change how you feel about your body. Whether that’s a comfy t-shirt bra, push up bra or lace bralet from Ann Summers or Hulkemoller these items can instantly make you feel happier in the clothes you’re wearing. So don’t feel like just because you’re not in a relationship, you can’t get a new set. If anything investing in new underwear for you. It will allow you to see your body in the mirror in a new way and grow to accept the way you look.

Also, we need to remember that no matter what gender we are we are all different and we need to embrace that individuality. We need to own our style and use fashion as a gateway to self-expression.  Underwear is the base of your outfit, and it’s something we need to take of advantage of when it comes to styling. It can change the way a dress, top or playsuit fits on your body and makes you feel instantly much more comfortable with your shape.  I decided to pair up this lovely lace valentine set from Hunkemoller with a nightwear playsuit from Pretty Little Thing to show you how you can dress conservatively but still sexy when you feel like exploring with your underwear drawer.

*Items gifted by Hunkemoller - Comments and images are my own

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