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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Refresh your wardrobe this spring with these top cleaning hacks.


Spring back this season by giving your wardrobe that much needed cleanse . Most of us will agree that rummaging through a hefty pile of clothes may be one of the most overwhelming tasks known to man. However it can in fact help reduce stress, boost your productivity and help you burn a few extra calories on your Fitbit.

So reap in the benefits of throwing away your closest clutters by following these top tips which Dia&Co inspired me to put together.

Get Organised 
It's important to set up a station ready to help you break down the rails of garments and boxes of shoes . This will make the process much easier when you're ploughing through the loose items on your bedroom as you'll know simply what to keep, donate and put on Depop.

Pick a playlist 
A bit of background music will go a long way when you're getting down to business with your complete collection of clothes. Whether it's Spotify or Apple Music pick a set list which will allow to relax and have fun even if it's a guiltily playlist.

Pull everything out!
Don't be afraid to throw your items in the floor. Yank everything off the hangers and place them on the ground as this will help you spot the pieces which are over a year old clearly falling apart or have shrunk so bin them.

Keep or not to keep? 
After going through what may seem your life in fabric you may have create a pile of Keep or not to keep .  Sometimes without a second opinion it's hard for us to break away with some material which we've had history with. So, ask yourself these questions - Is it over a year old? Does it still fit? What can you style it with? Is it still
in a shopping bag? 

If you can't answer of these straight away then it means it's not worth hanging it back up.
Be a good samaritan and put in the clothes in a charity bag or if it still has a price tag on it try get a refund so you can get some money back. 

Keep yourself hydrated 
You're more than likely going to get thirsty during your clear out. Try to keep yourself fresh by drinking plenty of water and giving yourself some mini breaks.

Hold on to the staples
Make sure you put aside some staple items as it will make it easier for you to structure regularly go to looks. Think of items which can help you structure a capsule wardrobe such as mixture of denim - a pair of black skinny jeans, boyfriend/mom or ripped blue wash jeans, a light-coloured blazer a white shirt and printed dresses.

Make your work out wear more visible
Most of us have the tendency to put our gym outfits in a draw and forget about going for a run , attending that spin class or doing that weight training session. 

Instead give yourself that extra motivation and place your kit on a hanger as this will help encourage you to burn off that weekend take away and get a step closer to your fitness goal.

Plan your next purchases 
Your wardrobe may look a little empty now- don't panic this is normal!
Instead of rushing to the shops plan and repurchasing some old favourites. Think about giving yourself the challenge of trying something new and give yourself the confidence to try a new trend which will represent your sense of style.

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Capturing Moments.

Brunch dishes : Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon & Acocado with a Soya Iced Latte. Naffy : Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon & Mushroom and English breakfast tea. Both served with wholegrain rye bread. (V) 
Hidden away from the high street , Moments Café offers a unique dining experience with its offset interior design and organic menu it captures the true identity of how to do brunch in style.  

Amongst its nutritiously friendly breakfast , lunch and home-made cake options you're able to take the opportunity to switch off and truly absorb into it the cafes relaxing atmosphere. Whether that's catching up with friends or family you're not short of options, as you can grab a book from the shelf and immerse yourself into a new piece of literature. It truly makes it the perfect place to recharge your batteries after a night out on the Calls or to take a break from central scenery.

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Just do it

 All clothing from Nike  (*)   -
Just Do It  Tank , Grey pro Nike training  Cool tank top Nike pro training tights and Nike Free 5.0 TR fit 5 trainers.

Running is incredibly effective at making you healthier in a number of ways. While it may not be everybody's favourite form of exercise, knowing what it can do for your body just may tempt you to take the courage to lace up and hit the road. 
Improves Your Health
Research has proven that running can benefit your body against various health conditions and improve over health. By building up the miles you’ll boost your immune system and lower of the risk strokes, breast cancer and stengthens your heart. Along with this you'll find your respiration will improv and help you run for longer.

Helps with your body goals
One of the main benefits of running that it aids with weight loss, as this cardio work out will help you burn off extra calories by the minute without you even noticing. Alongside this in time you’ll notice how the steady sprinting in your training will strengthen your joints, tones your legs and activates your core. 

Boost Your Confidence
Not all of the benefits of running are physical. Running can provide a noticeable boost to your self-esteem. By setting little milestones every week or signing up for 5k or 10k run. You can help give yourself a greater sense of empowerment that will help encourage you to keep to your fitness goals and stay motivated to hit the finish line.

Combats against stress and anxiety.
Stress and anxiety can actually cause dramatic changes to everyday life as it can cause a decrease appetite and leave us warn out. In those low periods, it’s important to take action and go for quick work out even if it's a short run, as you’ll encourage your body to release endorphins, which will leave you feeling more energized, focused and positive.

Just Do It and you'll see the results!

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Monday, 2 May 2016

Seventies Suede

Jacket - (*)  New look Prenium Collect  - Similar here ,
 Playsuit-Primark, Boots- Office , Belt -Topshop,  Choker necklace & Bag- ASOS.

         Statement seventies prints and textures return this spring season as warm toned outwear and preppy prints aim to give your day to night attire a quirky vintage twist. Layering up with warn out jackets and accessories such as bags, belts and jewellery will help your seasonal- appropriate  outfit to become more versatille as it allows you to channel a modern day hippie look.

        For this outfit I wore my suede  jacket with my floral playsuit as the biker style outwear added a vintage edge to my ruffled one piece. Accessory wise I wore my black velvet choker along with my Chloé Faye inspired bag and  studded belt as metallic and leather combination gave a sophisticated touch to my bohemian look. Shoes wise , I wore my brown chelsea boots as the rustic texture and gold accent in the blocked heel helped bring together the nogalistic ensemble.

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Monday, 31 August 2015

Be Safe in the Sun

Floral dip hem dress, Playsuit & Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters & Sandals - Topshop

 Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK , as over exposure to sunlight has been scentifically proven to increase the risk of causing damage to your skin. Since 2011, 115,000 were diagnosed with cancer in the UK and more than 13,000 of those cancers were found to Malignant Melanoma. Sadly as a resort of this on average each year 2,000 people die from this dreadful skin disease.

Unfortunately those  who are at risk of skin cancer have a family  history of  cancer or they have fair skin , sensitive skin or moles and freckles, which tend to burn in the sun. If you fall under any of these categories it’s important to take some simple measures when preparing to go on holiday, which will help protect your skin from the dangerous UV rays.
Spend time in the shade between 11:00 - 15:00 – Whether you’re on a city break or relaxing by the beach or pool it’s important to take the time out of the sun by cooling down in the shade, as this will prevent you from getting burnt. Aim to take cover under the poolside umbrella or beach parasol, as this will be a safe location for you to reapply your sun cream as you’re away from the harmful sunrays. However if you’re exploring around mainland areas, cities or towns aim to schedule some breaks within your itinerary and head to a little café as this will give you the time to repose and get away from the heat.  

Make sure you never burn – Pack plenty of sun cream, which is for your skin type whether you’re fair, medium or dark aim to get an SPF around 30-50SPF with a good UV rating.  Research has proven that some of the high end and high street skin manufactures sun creams do not protect the skin correctly in from UV rays so do not be fooled by the brand name or price.

 Aim to cover up in the sun  - Whilst being out and about in the sun it’s important to wear appropriate clothing, which not only keep you cool from the heat but most importantly will help create the barrier between you and an unwanted sunburn. However by selecting some sensible wardrobes you'll be able to stop your back, shoulders and face from getting burnt. 

Gentlemen - Aim to pack lose material clothing as this will prevent you from breaking out in a sweat, loose cottont-shirts are perfect for battling against a heat and will help keep your shoulders and back covered. 

Ladies – There’s various stylish summery pieces , which can help protect parts of your body from the sun aim to pick lightweight tops and cover ups which you can take off when it’s safe. Bardot tops and kimonos are ideal in warmer climates as not only will help give you some outfit variation but most importantly they’ll keep your shoulders and back covered from the sun. 
Swimwear - When it comes to swim wear it can be quiet difficult to find a piece which not only fits correctly but aims to cover up the areas of your body which are at risk of exposure.High waisted bikinis and one piece swimwear is ideal for those of you who have freckles, moles or sensitive skin as it will keep the majority of your back and chest covered.
Accessories – Hats, sunglasses , sarongs or  scarfs are essential to pack when it comes to any trip abroad as not only will these outfit extras give a pop of colour to your look but most importantly they help cover up your eyes and skin from the sun. 
Remember to take extra care with children – If you’re going on a family holiday make sure you pack plenty of gear which will protect your little ones from the sunshine .
Swimwear choices   - Many high street and online retailers have created affective swimwear to protect children from the sun as the mini surfer look is ideal to protect your tots back, shoulders and chest from the sun. 
Sun cream for kids – Most sun cream brands such as Nivea and Garnier have a children’s selection however please be aware that even though they’re aimed  for the younger generation it may not be the best product to protect your child from getting burnt.

Sun damage doesn’t just happened when you’re abroad in the sun . It can happen when you’re not expecting it. So remember to be safe and keep covered up.  If you would like further information please ask seek medical advice from your GP and check out the  Cancer Research website.  

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