Healthy Breakfast spots in London

March 03, 2020

On my recent trip to London, I decided to explore a different section of the city and try out new food places which are perfect for anyone who is planning to stay in the capital over the weekend. However, I did what most people do when exploring a new location or country. I used Google to find the nearest cafes, and I was pretty to find this rather beautiful café which served the best breakfast bowls!

The place that caught my attention was called Amber, and I loved it that much that I went twice. The menu had a variety of foods which is perfect for anyone who is wanting a fresh and healthy breakfast. The list had a selection of meals that were perfect for anyone who has a savoury or sweet tooth, but the dish that caught my eye was the acai breakfast bowl.

This colourful bowl was something I’ve seen pop up quite a lot on Instagram that I’ve never had the chance to try it. So, I went for the plunge and tried something different from my standard eggs, avocado and sourdough bread. This fruity selection was the perfect meal to have after my morning workout as it was full of fibre, protein and health carbs and fats which will help keep my body feel energised for the rest of the day. Also, the extra toppings of berries, banana and homemade granola gave the yoghurt more flavour.

However, my boyfriend went for an egg and meat dish which contained chorizo and spicy homemade make beans which is a perfect alternative to an English fry up. This warm dish is an excellent idea if you’re looking to change up your food prep as this dish can easily recreate at home.

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