Rediscovering your self-confidence while dating after lockdown

August 06, 2020

What I Wore♻️๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป
Leopard print silk dress @depop
Necklace @sammimaria
Rings @daisy_jewellery
When it comes to finding out identity, we’ve got to experiment with our sense of style and create outfits which best represent who we are and our beautiful qualities. One of these areas that I like exploring when it comes to clothing is evening wear as you can pick out a dress which will surprise your date, friends or family as your confidence will shine this outfit. I decided to show you a I’ve worn on for a few nights out as it allows me to feel stylish and sexy. I like how the wild leopard print is a tribute to my love for rock and roll and how the silky figure-hugging midi dress effortlessly bright out my curves. Along with this its edgy appearance, I like how the warm tones in this dress compliments my balayage hairstyle and colour coordinates with my minimal gold jewellery.

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