Miss Congenaility - How I created this fancy dress look for less than £30

September 05, 2019

I headed to London recently for a short trip to celebrate my friend Becky's 25th fancy dress birthday party.  As you know, picking a costume can be rather stressful, but this time around, I knew who I wanted to go as, and that was Gracie Hart. If you didn't know already, Miss Congeniality is one of my favourite films of all time. So I wanted to challenge myself by recreating a look from one of the best scenes of this film when Sandra Bullock falls over.

This transformation shot of the film is very symbolic to my own experience growing up as a child. I was quite the tomboy like Hart in the FBI. However, when I lost weight, styled my hair and wore some makeup, men noticed me and no longer friend zone me.  But like this film emphasizes looks don't mean everything and that there's more to a person than their physical appearance. I was wanting to make Victor Melling proud by giving women the confidence to wear more glamourous outfits and inspire others to make some life-changing choices.

I managed to get the whole outfit for around £22, which included the dress, heels and pageant sash, which is less than most fancy dress costumes that you can get online. The silky mini dress was purchased from NastyGal for £12 and was the perfect duplicated for Hart's outfit. I managed to find a pair of lilac heels that matched the colour of the dress in New Look, and I got them for £4 as they went into the sale section. I found a place that did custom sashes for Hen parties on Etsy and asked them to make a Miss Congeniality version for me. Luckily the owner was a fan of the film and kindly did this one of number for me.

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