What to wear during a heatwave in the UK

August 29, 2019

After celebrating my best friends hen do in Harrogate . I returned to Leeds to venture out of the day with my friend Cara as we went for coffee in a local cafe in the city centre.

It was 28 degrees which I never expected as we rarely get such glorious weather in Yorkshire. However, it helped inspire me to put together a blog post which allows people to put together looks which are appropriate to wear in heatwaves.

From looking at the weather forecast, I knew that I needed to wear something comfortable and breathable in the heat as most places in the city have very limited air-condition. For this look, I was inspired by Tarantino's latest film Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and how the women wore very iconic 60's looks.  I decided to take my spin on the movie on-screen styling by wearing an off the shoulder top with a pair of dark blue Levis shorts. For footwear, I wanted to keep things simple and wear a pair of sandals which were suitable for lots of walking around the city centre. 

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