Why Dry January will help you lose weight and allow you to save cash

January 03, 2019

Now that the festivities are over most of us are starting our new year resolutions. I thought I would share why we should try give up is the booze for #dryjanuary.

As someone who isn’t a big drinker, I found that giving up alcohol for a month can help people understand the dangers of excessive drinking and how these substances can cause damage to your body.

I’ve always said that life is all about balance, and when it comes going out for a drink with friends, I tend to either go for coffee, cranberry juice or a gin and tonic. Don’t get me wrong. I do love a good fruity cocktail once in a while. But I’m aware that these liquor filled glasses contain so much sugar, which isn’t good for those of you who are looking to make changes to your physique.

Research has shown that those who have participated in Dry January last year felt like that they gained more energy as they slept better. Other results revealed that many people lose weight as they stopped consuming high-calorie alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer.

So how does this happen?

One study made by University College of London found that Brits who gave up their favourite alcoholic beverage had increased liver function at the end of the sober month. Their glucose levels also stabilised ( less like to crave unhealthy food) and they had lower cholesterol.

However, one of the main things you’ll learn from trailing this out is what alcohol and bad food habits can do to your diet. If your goal is to get healthier in 2019 and you tend to go out regularly drinking. The Dry January app can help kick-start fitness your motivation. On top of that, you’ll save money too, as the average drink cost of a pint is £5 and a cocktail £11 you’ll have some extra cash to use on something you’ll appreciate.

So here are my tips to help you get through Dry January:

  • Remove any remaining alcohol you have left in your home or apartment and avoid the alcohol section of a supermarket!
  • If you've been invited out for cocktails with a friend take the time to check out the menu and look for an alcohol-free drink which meets your cravings - if it's too complicated, I'd suggest swapping for a coffee catch up or dinner instead.
  • Spend the time you'd usually go out drinking going to the gym as you'll reap in the benefits from an intense workout.
  • And lastly, use the money you've used usually for nights out for a special treat for you whether that's a new dress, a pair of shoes, bag or gig ticket. You can learn to save money in new ways and use the cash on something which is more meaningful to you than getting drunk in a bar and waking up with a terrible hangover.

    To find out more information about Dry Jan - https://alcoholchange.org.uk/get-involved/campaigns/dry-january

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