Why I love the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

December 29, 2018

I've always been a fan of Christmas Markets. However, my favourite festive spot has to be the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

After my first visit in 2016, I knew I had to go back as I I fell in love with the parks decorations, market stalls, pop up bars and delicious food. But it wasn't just the choice of cuisine and warm beverages that persuaded me to come back this year. It was the opportunity to go ice skating and enjoy the wonderlands great festive atmosphere.

As an avid watcher of Dancing on Ice, it's safe to say I'm nowhere near the standard to perform Torvil and Dean's Olympic winning Bolero. But like anyone who enjoys winter sports it was great to get on the rink and attempt not to fall over.

Along with that, I had the chance to try some new nibbles from a range of food stalls one being a German-style hotdog which contained meat from my region of France called Saussice Blanche (Weißwurst).  For dessert, I treated myself to a Nutella, and Banana crêpe and finished off the night watching an incredible band perform with a hot cup of Brothers mulled toffee apple cider. 

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