The highs and lows of 2018.Here's what I've learnt over the past 12 months.

January 06, 2019

The start of the year began when I was still living in my apartment with one of my closest friends. I shared a fantastic year with a person who supported me through a bad break up and understood the real value of friendship. Unfortunately, we both moved back and chose to save money for our future homes as saving for a mortgage is hard when you’re renting!

Before I handed the keys over from Flat Number 3, I spent numerous months creating new memories with friends and family - I even went to Florence for my birthday and Disneyland Paris!

I took the time to fully embrace my independence and figure out what it was like to be alone. I focused on my fitness and well-being, and and get to know some new people. Yes, I did go on a few dates, but most of them taught me that we shouldn’t be afraid to call out someone for mistreating you and that you need to put your needs first. Trust me when I say this but if someone isn’t appreciating the time you’re having together or isn’t making an effort to get to know you - They don’t deserve you - thank u, next.

But the one thing I’ve prioritsed this year is my mental health and understanding that it’s no longer taboo to not be OK. Life isn’t perfect, we go through bad patches, but it’s not stopping you being your best self. I changed my negative mindset towards cystic acne into a positive as by educating others about my skin condition as it isn't something that people should feel ashamed about.

I accepted that body transformations take time and that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. I learned that fitness is more than just a physical change - Goodbye anxiety!

But it was November that changed things for me. I realised that l'espoir (hope) exists, and things happen for a reason. I also fell back in love with blogging and realised how I enjoy writing. 

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