Fitness Regime

March 25, 2015

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One of the hardest parts of under taking a new fitness regime is making sure you keep track of your daily activities, nutrition and yourself in general. However when life throws us a curve ball we can easily fall off the health and fitness bandwagon.

Like any other routine we follow on regular basis it’s important to not see exercise as chore but rather than as a form of rehabilitation. Learning to see the benefits of regular exercise will help you channel your energy will help you regain your confidence and hit those workouts harder than you did before.

My current fitness regime is focused on eating healthier and exercising more. My original workout routine at the gym was 2-3 times a week and was mostly cardio based. Like most women, I was too timid to explore the world of lifting, as I didn’t have the confidence to approach the weights and give them a try.  But when I started to pick up HIIT themed classes at my gym it fueled my determination to push myself and get into shape. Now I work with a personal trainer, who’s educated me when it comes to balancing cardio and weight training.

Through my new work out plan I work out in the gym four to five times a week depending on my schedule. Each sessions consists of 20-30min cardio warm up and weight training which focuses on separate muscle groups on e.g. Quads , Glutes & Biceps , Hamstring Calves & Back , Chest , Shoulders & Triceps  which works on a x3 - x12 rep basis .  

Tip Take your  time during your reps as this will help you stay in the correct form during each exercise you perform as well the benefit of taking your time means you'll feel the burn. 'No pain no gain'

Nutrition wise I've always eaten healthy and I never really craved junk food. Through my cleaner diet plan I've been able to discover new whole foods which give me much more energy and  the natural nibbles have helped satisfy my sweet tooth such as banana with peanut butter, oh my!

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