Searching for positive fitness inspiration

March 22, 2015

      Keeping a positive mind set will help you break through those barriers which are preventing you to come out of your comfort zone and help encourage you to eat healthier and exercise more frequently. It's important to direct your thought towards the reasons why you're wanting to change instead of comparing yourself to someone else who you inspire to be like whether that's in your favourite magazine or  on social media . Instead to fuel your aspiration into small steps of motivation which will aid you to get closer to feeling happier inside and out.

The Regular Reads - Most magazines that we tend to grab and read regularly are now filled with subjects which affect our everyday life . As health and fitness has grown more popular over the past year magazines such as Cosmopolitan and GQ  as they write inspiring features on people who have grown to love their bodies whether their someone from the general public or a celebrity.

Eat Pretty - Don't be fooled by the title as it's not all about 'beauty' this insightful book by Jolene Heart is ideal for you if you're aiming to eat cleaner as each chapter guides your taste buds into trying dishes filled with fruit and vegetables which will help nourish your body and give you the energy to give it your all during your workouts.

Women's & Men's Health - .  This lifestyle and fitness magazine is filled with eye opening articles which have been scientifically researched to help benefit your health inside and out. Allow with this each hard copy  contains update exercise plans which will help each muscle group in your body and top trainers clear up some Q&A's that most of us are too scared to ask.

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