21 Day Fitness Challenge

March 01, 2015

Diet and exercise is an essential part of our everyday lifestyle as our bodies depend on good nutrition and fitness as it helps us stay healthy inside and out.  If your goal is to lose weight or tone up you must learn first of all to create fresh new diet plan, which based around food containing high amounts protein, vitamins and low carbohydrates, as this will help improving your fitness. This dietary information if vital if you aim to see results as these ingredients will give you the energy to push yourself harder during those crucial work outs whether that’s cardio or weight training.

Research has proved that it takes 21 days to create a habit so what better way to put this to the test and give ourselves the motivation to kick start out own health and fitness goals.

Ditch the diet books – Dietary books aren't made to cater everyone so the may not necessarily help you achieve you goal. Instead look up some alternative health advice. Magazines such as Women’s & Men’s Health help provide their readers with scientific facts about nutrition and give some great step by step work out tips which you could either use when you’re at home or at the gym.  

If grabbing a mag isn’t your thing the Internet is a gold mine if you're looking for fitness inspiration . Youtube provides some great at home workout routines : BetFit , Blogilates  , The Lean Machines . As well Bloggers such as Lydia Millen , Particia Bright  have some great exercise and health tips on their websites. 

Plan ahead and keep a diary –   This is a vital rule to any health and fitness goal as it’s important to track your progress . Preparing your meals in advance and keeping notes of your work out routine will help make the journey less stressful and more of an enjoyable experience for you to look back on.

Get some new gear – Buying some new gym gear will help give confidence to hit the gym or be brave to work out outside your home.  Also purchasing the right gear will most importantly help improve your posture and performance during your workouts , so don’t forget to ask for advice especially when it comes to purchasing your trianers ladies and gentlemen.

Gym buddying –If you’ve held back from going to the gym because you don’t want to go on your own maybe bring a friend or family with you as they’ll help you prep for exercises and motivate during your sets. 

Don't Stress Remember endorphins are being release when you’re working out so relax when you’re working  out don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or how long it will be until you see results . ‘Practice makes perfect’ so keep going

Drink More - It's vital to keep hydrated as much as possible when you're changing up your fitness routine . So aim to to drink at least 2litres a day . 
Easy tip make sure you have a 1litre bottle with you whether it's at work or when you're doing your workouts as you're able to track the amount you've drank judging by how many refills.

Hopefully these tips will help those who, like me who are gearing up to make a lifestyle change for 2015.

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