It's been a while let's catch up

December 27, 2021

Moving to Manchester was one of the best decisions I ever made as it helped me have a new start which I think many of us have desired to have during the pandemic. Like many people during the Covid-19 crisis, I took on a lot of change, which allowed me to have a fresh start in a new city. I landed my dream job in 2020, and after a few months of working from home, I found this beautiful apartment in Northern Quater, and I felt instantly at home. I remember the day I moved into this flat, and I felt an enormous sense of gratitude and pride as I did this on my own and wanted to take the opportunity to tell people anything is possible if you believe in yourself. 

Everything I've had done to get me where I'm sat today in my lounge, whilst I type away this blog post, I've realised that this new chapter has been something I've manifested from a young age. Growing up, I watched shows like Ugly Betty and SATC as I was finished by how the leading characters followed their passion and weren't afraid to take a leap of faith. There may have been some heartbreak, career changes, or other life events that may have changed their life path, but these women were incredibly passionate about their craft and had the self-belief that anything was possible. I found that very inspiring, and still to date, Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones and Betty Suarez played a massive role in what I wanted to do as a professional, hobby and side hustle as these women were embracing their authentic selves. 

When I look back on the year, I feel like I've almost lived on my TV series. I had a course of events happen which changed my outcome. But rather than resisting, I embraced what was going to happen and just made myself focus on the present. For the first time in a while, I fully invested in ME, which I've learnt 29 years is being selfless and not selfish. We often forget to look after ourselves, and I think the pandemic has helped remind me that I neglected parts of myself and needed to do some deep healing to help me move on and prepare for the new opportunities that will be coming my way. 

So, that's why I did. I read up on mindfulness and understood how I could change my life if I just believed in myself. I erased the negative, the anxiety and detached myself from the "what if" outcome. Embracing a positive mindset helped me see my mistakes before and how I needed to focus on the present to receive what I desired. I created more balance in my life, and I'm honestly in such a happy place right now.

It's a new story, a new tale for me, and it feels great to type again and share a new chapter of my life with you all. As you know, this platform is more than just a fashion blog. It's sharing other parts of my life, which I hope inspire you and allow you to follow your dreams. 2021 may be ending very soon, but I'm taking this new year with the same mindset. There are no new year resolutions for say, but I'm incredibly grateful for the fantastic people in my life, and I will continue to work on myself and document my journey with you all as much a possible. 

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