My journey to self-acceptance and understanding what it is to be fit and healthy

September 22, 2020



 What I Wore ♻️👇🏻
Leopard print sports bra and shorts Flexxfit
The empowering women who helped me grow 💪🏻 👇🏻
🏋🏻‍♀️My online coach @laurasfitloves - you can find her programme here @positivepeachprogramme 🍑
🧠 Mindfulness coach @built_with_bobbie

Understanding the meaning of being healthy has allowed me to acknowledge the importance of living a balanced lifestyle and enjoying exercise as it’s more than a tool to help you lose weight, build muscle or look ‘fit’. After losing weight, I started to disconnect with who I was, and I began to absorb content which made be believe what I had accomplished wasn’t enough. I was lead to follow social trends and expectations and forced myself to move onto a goal which was not attainable or realistic. 

My inner ego grew, and I became more critical about myself as I believed I had failed, but that’s not true at all. I noticed that this negative mindset was impacting my self-confidence and I knew that I had to change my views on what I had imagined was ‘healthy’ as a photograph doesn’t always give the full story. Instead, I workout because I see how it impacts how I feel as it gives me strength, it motivates me to work harder, and most importantly it has helped me on my journey to self-acceptance. So, I want to remind you that it’s your mindset and determination that will allow you to continue investing in yourself and working on your self-growth as change is more than a number on the scale.

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