How 90s films influenced my sense of style

August 20, 2020


10 things I hate about you t-shirt @truffleshufflecom (gifted)

Pleated tartan skirt @depop 

Necklace @sammimaria 

Rings @daisy_jewellery

Apart from wearing band t-shirts, I love to mix up my causal outfits by wearing other types of memorabilia which helps captures my sense of style and love for other forms of entertainment such as cinema. My usual go-to genre of film is a comedy or thriller. On the other hand, some romcoms have caught my eyes and influenced the way I see the world. One of these films is, of course, 10 things I hate about you which stars Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levis captures the struggles of secondary school and how being yourself can influence someone else’s life. This movie is a gentle reminder to be true to yourself and not to be afraid to let people in who bring happiness into your life. However, for this film themed look, I paired this movie posted tee with pleated tartan skirt as the colourful design colour coordinated with my t-shirt. I then layered up the outfit with some golden accessories, an oversized denim jacket and thrifted backpack to capture the staple American high school that we always saw on the big screen in the 90s.


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