Focus on your self-growth journey by letting go of social expectations

August 25, 2020


What I Wore♻️👇🏻
Recycled RHCP & Blink-182 bikini - made by @lespoirdemavie
Learning to let go of social expectations has allowed me to focus on my self-growth journey. I’ve learnt that taking a step beck and giving myself some time to work through some mental barriers has genuinely given me a new sense of clarity and self-confidence. I used to feel an enormous amount of pressure to always be 100% but it’s ok not to always feel our best as we go through experiences in life that we have all need time to heal and process. During those moments of rebuilding ourselves we need to embrace the amazing qualities we have as those parts of us will help us become more self aware of our emotions and allow us channel those thoughts into a more positive way. Practising mindfulness and investing in myself has truly change my mindset as detaching myself from negative beliefs has transformed the way I see myself in the mirror and how far I’ve come in my self-growth journey as I’m proud of the woman I’ve become as she no longer criticises her body or lifestyle choices.

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