Socially distanced date tips and ideas

July 16, 2020

Since the latest update from Boris Johnson, we've been able to meet one another person outside of our household and extend our social bubble outdoors up to six people. Alongside the gradual social interactions, cafes, restaurants and bars have reopened since the 4th July, which means that we get creative again when it comes to dating and have fun while respect social distancing rules.

If you're a fan of coffee or love brunch or breakfast dishes, I would recommend a to go for a morning coffee or brunch meal. The opportunity to dine or have a warm caffeine drink outside will give you the chance to interact with your date or partner while enjoying the lovely sunshine. However, if the weather does turn sour, most cafes and brunch spots will accommodate to have seating inside, which allows customers to be safe indoors as they have followed COVID-19 rules. 

One of the other hand if you prefer to have a lay-in you can meet your date later in the day by going for a walk in a local park as you can chat while you get in your steps. Alongside getting in some exercise, you can treat yourself to a classic 99p cone if there's an icecream van in the spot you've picked to meet or you can pack your lunch or bring a picnic for you to enjoy while you're outside having fun.

For an early evening date, you can meet for a drink in a local bar as you've got the option meet up for rooftop drinks and watch the sunset while you drink a glass of fizz, a pint of beer or sip your favourite cocktail. 

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