Restyling slip dresses into multi-functional outfits

July 09, 2020

What I Wore ♻️👇🏻
Iron Maiden t-shirt - Depop 
Tiger print slip dress - Depop ( Motel Rocks )
Necklace - Sammi Maria

One of my favourite ways to style my vintage band t-shirts is with dresses. I like the idea of wearing a multi-functional outfit which can be worn during the day or at night as this type of ensemble can be worn with a range of outwear such as blazers, denim or leather jackets. While for footwear, depending on the occasion you can wear trainer, doc boots or sandal heels. For this look, I thought I’d show you how this styling technique can save you money and refresh your wardrobe this season as you’re restyling items you already own. I decided to layer my thrifted Iron Maiden t-shirt with a tiger print slip dress as this glam rock-themed frock gave my heavy metal look a feminine touch. 

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