Boost your self-confidence by giving yourself makeover at home

July 05, 2020

Like many women in their late twenties, I've never been so great at makeup. I grew up in a generation when there were no beauty gurus, MUA artists, or youtube tutorials about how you can do a smokey eye and the only make up advice you had was from magazines. 

However, since the days of the dreaded Mabeline dream matte mousse and concealer lip trend, the way women have learnt to use makeup has evolved and is now used as a tool the enhance the natural beauty you have.

Usually, people see me make up free 99.9% of the time, but I sometimes like to wear a minimal makeup look with a colourful lip as I prefer to wear a lighter base. But on the other hand, I've always wanted to learn more about the beauty world and since I had my makeover by my incredibly talented friend Elizabeth Booth. I've wanted to learn more about how to create fun eyeshadow looks and how to do this at home without spending a lot of money on products which I may not like.

Luckily, I already had a makeup Naked 3 palette at home from Urban Decay which could work as my first experiment to creating my own Jamie Genieve style grungey eye make up look. After watching a few of her vlogs since being in self-isolation, I started to attempt to create my look, which was low maintenance and easy to blend. I picked four shades from this mauve toned palette complimented my brunette hair, fair skin and eyes and didn't require me to wear false eyelashes as I had none at home. To finish the look, I wore nude liquid lipstick, so it didn't draw the attention away from my eyes. Also to go with the sultry vibes, I decided to wear a bodysuit from Honey Birdette as this lingerie piece captured my alter ego.

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