Use your downtime in self-isolation to boost your self-confidence

June 26, 2020

 What I Wore 👇🏻♻️
Harley Davidson Bikini - made by lespoirdemavie (LDMVBIKINS)

Life in self-isolation has impacted our lifestyle, social interactions, work-life and mental health. We’ve separated ourselves from loved ones, we’ve adjusted adjusted to new working environments, and breaking away from our usual routine. The moments of uncertainty have made us question when things will get back to normal and what the future will hold. However, I would like you all to focus on the now. Use this time to show the world your potential and watch your confidence grow. You will learn new things about yourself and the relationship you have your mind and body will change. You will begin to see a more positive outlet from this situation and learn that you have more skills and knowledge than you remembered. This experience has been an emotional whirlwind for me, I’ve had days when I’ve not felt my best, but I’ve pulled through those negative feelings and taken care of myself. Don’t ever neglected your needs or underestimate your value. We all have self-worth and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. Believe in yourself, embrace your sense of style and be confident in who you are! 💕

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