Two ways to embrace your sense of style while you work from home

June 30, 2020

What I Wore ♻️👇🏻
Trooper tshirt - Iron Maiden - @blue.rinse.vintage 
Tartan blazer @thevintagekilosale 
Blue Levis shorts @blue.rinse.vintage 
Necklace @sammimaria 

Deciding what to wear while you work from home can often be overwhelming as it’s quite tempting to stay in pyjamas or loungewear all day. However, I wanted to show you how can wear a casual but stylish outfit comfortably in your household on those warm summer days. So, I thought it put together two casual outfits which are made up of some of your go-to summer items.

For the first look, I thought I would pair my Trooper Iron Maiden t-shirt and my blue Levis shorts as the vintage two-piece colour coordinated with my tartan blazer and gave my rock n roll festival style look a chic touch. 

What I Wore ♻️👇🏻
Kiss t-shirt @depop 
Orange Blazer @thevintagekilosale 
Black Levis shorts @blue.rinse.vintag

The second look follows a similar outfit plan, however, instead of a tartan blazer and heavy metal tee. I decided to pair up this retro ‘80s style orange blazer as with my Kiss t-shirt, and black Levis shorts as this boldly coloured outwear matched the warm tones in my vintage merchandise. Both of these looks are practical for those occasions when you want to wear something cool at your desk while you’re working at home and joining Zoom calls.

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