Getting creative during self-isolation and making sustainable and upcycled swimwear

June 18, 2020

 What I Wore 👇🏻
Blink-182 & RHCP bikini 👙 - Upcycled swimwear made by lespoirdemavie

During my time in self-isolation, I’ve felt inspired to get creative and design clothing which is suistainble and made from vintage garments. One of the first challenges I set myself was to make swimwear as I always felt like this was a type of clothing which I always felt the least confident wearing as a lot of swimwear didn’t look right on my body shape or resonate with sense of style. However, I decided to make my first bikini from second hand material which captured my admiration for Blink-182 and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. For this two-piece, I used two different band patches on my bikini top as they transformed the all-black bikini into a unique punk rock swimsuit which complimented my curves.

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