How to manage being in a long-distance during self isolation

April 09, 2020

Social distancing has changed the way we are managing our relationships and interacting with people outside of our homes. We are all finding new ways to stay connected to people that we love, value and enjoy socialising with on weekends or during the week. However, what do we are not able to see that person we care in person. How do we stay connected to our partners, friends or family when they don't live with us?

The power of social media and the internet has given us the ability to stay in touch with people through apps, texting or even face time calls. This new way of interacting online has shown how also though we are not able to meet in person for a while we can still be part of each other's lives if we take the time and effort. But technology isn't the only thing we should rely on one when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship. The truth is we all need to make more of an effort to show those people in our lives that we miss them, that we appreciate them and most importantly that we support them during uncertain times like this. 

I shared in a recent video my experience going long-distance during the Coronavirus and texting seems to be the standard way for people to communicate nowadays. But since we've had this lifestyle change, I've wanted to inspire people to do more for the people that matter to them the most. I have shared some thoughtful ways to show your girlfriend, boyfriend or someone you're dating that you miss them. Thinking outside of the box and sending a card, a letter, a gift or creating something online to send to their doorstep are some ways we can all remind people around us that they're thinking of them.

Along with that, the power of video chat allows us to be innovative with the way we use this virtual face to face interaction. We can use this technology to our advantage by recreating some of your preferred dates virtually from having dinner together, having a drink while listening to the same music or exercising together.  We can all make time for this and most importantly, still enjoy these beautiful experiences with the people we are missing from the comfort of our own home.

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