Seven ways you can connect with your partner who doesn't live with you during self-isolation

March 24, 2020

At the minute we're all taking the safest measures by working from home or isolating ourselves from our partners, friends and family. However, what if you don't live with your boyfriend and girlfriend?  How can we make our relationships work during social distancing?

The beauty of separation is the time will only make the heart grow founder. It allows it to take the time to work on ourselves, careers and focus on other aspects of our lives outside of the relationship. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't be making an effort to stay connected with your partner or think of ways to keep one another feel loved and appreciated from afar.

One of the main tools I recommend for anyone who is going through a temporary long-distance relationship is to keep communication fluid, regular and as entertaining as possible. Picking up the phone and speaking face to face on facetime can boost your regular chitchats and texting routine. You can also send videos of your day on What's App and send voice notes to help each other feel the presence of one another. But, I know that speaking on the phone, let alone on camera isn't everyone's cup of tea but don't take the conversation you're having as a conference call. See this an opportunity to be creative with your interactive dating.

Here are some great ideas for couples who are missing their partners and want to find new ways of reconnecting with the person they love during self-isolation:

1) Have regular check-ins

Communication is vital in any relationship. Therefore it is essential to have regular check-ins whist in self-isolation. You might not want to feel like being on camera but as soon as you see your other half's face on the screen, you'll a moment of relief as you see them appear on your phone, laptop screen or desktop. You can focus on chatting about things you're planning to do while in isolation and encourage one another to set goals and keep you informed of things they've accomplished.

2) Set each other daily challenges

You can challenge your partner to cook a new meal, complete a workout, read a new book or learn a few lines in a new language. Be creative in testing your other half and then share your experience on live on video via facetime or record it and send it in a What's App message.

3) Send cards and gifts 

Luckily with the power of online shopping, we can send whatever we want to our partners from the comfort of our own home. Many retailers such as Amazon and Etsy offer quick delivery options, so you're able to send something unique or funny to your their doorstep to let them know you're thinking of them.

4) Have an interactive dinner date 

It may be odd eating in front of the screen but see it as a way to interact with your partner while you enjoy some of your favourite food. You can also boost the dining experience by ordering the same meal as your order such as a takeaway, or you can be creative at home and make the same dish in the kitchen by making the dish at home and rating each other's plates from afar. You can do this once a week and tally up who makes the best meals - The winner gets taken out for a three-course meal when we are out of self-isolation. 

5) Have a karaoke night

You can set up a face time chat and challenge each other to sing a range of tracks on Youtube. From Disney to rock ballads you can sing your favourite tracks from the comfort of your own home and keep each other entertained on a Friday night or Saturday night.

6) Play console games

If you're a fan of gaming and so if your other half then there's no reason why you can't challenge each other online. Consoles like Xbox and Playstation allows gamers to connect with players around the world, so why not compete against your partner? Make the game enjoyable by challenging them in a range of console games and keep a tally of the overall running. The winner receives a mini trophy and date night out of their choice after the self-isolation period is over.

7) Movie night

Netflix has recently launched a way for people to watch a film together in the comfort of their own home. So you can use this a way to watch a movie with your other half and share your thoughts via text or voice notes on the experience. To spice it you send your partner a list of snacks they've got to eat and enjoy during the film.

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