Five things you can do while in self-isolation

March 22, 2020

Times are hard at the moment. Some days we want to stay in bed and ignore what's happening, but we've got to continue living. Be smart and use social distancing as an opportunity to find new interests, hobbies and find a new way of connecting with friends and family. Take care of your health and go out for walks, runs or exercise in the comfort of your home or back garden.

Avoid looking too much on social media and fuel your mind back into your what you love and aspire to accomplish. Focus on your career goals, health and well-being and continue to invest in time in yourself and learn more. This time away from distractions and usual routine will help motivate you to make some significant changes in your life which you can carry on throughout the rest of the year.

So here are five things that I'm doing to help me cope living in self-isolation:

1) Stay connected with friends, family and loved ones

Use technology to its advantage by reaching out to the people you love and care about by picking up the phone and calling them. We should be thinking outside of the box and breaking out of our routine of texting and emailing. Choosing to pick up the phone, facetime or sending a voice note will help people you care about the most know you're there, especially when we are not able to see one another for a while.

2) Take a break and get some fresh air

Your gym may be closed, but that doesn't mean you can take advantage of the weather outside and getting some exercise. Building up the courage to put a pair of running shoes on and going for a short run will help manage your anxiety and also contribute to your overall fitness journey, however, if running isn't your cup of tea. Going for a brisk walk every day as it will help keep your mind at ease during these uncertain times.

3) Get creative

If you're a writer, blogger, photographer, videographer or someone great at arts and crafts, use this time away from your usual routine to focus on sharing things you loved. Utilise social media to share your words of wisdom, interests and passion and make new friends online who have the same vision as you.

4) Be savvy with your money

If you're fortunate to have the luxury to work from home or have the time to maintain your finances than hit pause on your spending and take this time away from your usual social arrangements to save your cash. Using an app like Moneybox is a good start for anyone who is planning to save money for the first home. However, you can use their saving account as well to help split your cash and stop you from spending online.

5) Learn more

Use this extra time at home to find out what you'd like to learn. Taking the time to figure out what other skills you'd like to read about or study online can help make your career prosper and also gives you new capabilities that can help build your confidence. Some things that you can learn online such as cooking, fitness, video, arts and crafts, music, and so much more.

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