Where to eat in Lisbon

May 28, 2019

When it comes to food choices, there's a range of options you can select from the menu during breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Lisbon.

I didn't eat out in the morning as I had a complimentary continental breakfast at my hotel. However, if you're not planning to eat in your accommodation, there's plenty of bakeries, cafes, and supermarkets nearby for you to get your coffee and Portuguese pastry fix

In the afternoon, I tried to eat as light as possible, but for some reason, even at lunchtime, I struggled to tuck into something which was a reasonable portion. On two of the days, I had a toastie (warning they're pretty big!) as I wanted something to keep my energy going as I had been walking all day in the sun.

I struggled to come across resturants, which offered main dishes during the day compared to at night. I found myself discovering more of Lisbon's style of food during the night as I came across bars which offered meat platters and goats cheese.  However, on one of the nights after coming out of the rooftop bar, my boyfriend and I had strolled past a restaurant which had live music. At first, I was drawn in by the Portuguese Edith Piaf style ballads, but the food and atmosphere was a delight too.

The restaurant was called Solido, and it was honestly one of a kind dining experience. I felt like I had been on an exclusive special to dine with me. The food was incredible, the service was quick, and the entertainment was fantastic. Whilst eating the tasty smoked meat, I was able to connect with the  muscians music and learn more about Portguals culture.

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