The best drinking spots in Lisbon

May 16, 2019

If you're planning to visit Lisbon over the summer holidays and are unsure where best to go for food or drinks, then I've got you covered!

When I went to Lisbon in March, I was undecided where to have lunch and dinner as there are so many restaurants, bars and cafes scattered across the city.

During the day, my boyfriend and I  ended up having small bits of tapas and some form of sandwich or tuna toastie -warning they're huge! We saved our appetite at night as we wanted to try some more Portuguese dishes. One of the of my favourite places that we discovered was called Solido, which served more traditional Lisboa cuisine and had their own in house performers! 

Also, during my trip, I made sure that we checked out the nightlife, so we went to a few bars nearby. One of the best bars we discovered was near the Elvador de Santa Justa,which gave you a beautiful view of the city.

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