My evening skin care routine

April 23, 2019

When it comes to my skin care, I like to keep things easy to manage when it comes to my evening routine.My go to products are affordable and ideal for anyone who has sensitive skin or cystic acne as they’re made from natural and pharmaceutical products.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that most days I don’t wear makeup. However, if I do, I always ensure that I take my foundation, mascara, and lipstick off with make up wipes and cleanse my face with my Magintone facial brush. But if you're looking for an alternative and want to try a different type of beauty gadget. I reccomend checking out
Panasonic skin care UK facial range as their products help look after all types of skin.

My first step is to remove my make up with Simple wipes as I find that they’re the most gentle facial wipes to remove waterproof make up. If you’re someone like me who wears matte lipstick, liquid lipstick or waterproof mascara, these soft wipes will help get every trace of eye and lip make off!

After a few wipes, I’ve been able to remove the majority of the makeup that I’ve worn throughout the day or night. However, it doesn’t remove all the remaining makeup and dirt from my pores.

To make sure my skin deeply cleaned, I always reach out and use my Uriage cleansing gel as the clear formula lathers up and removes any remaining trace of the foundation of my face and leaves my face feeling nice and fresh.

Finally, as my last step, I use my Vanishing Cream by Lush to moisturise my face as that much needed hydration and leaves my skin feeling soft.

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