Boozy Birthday Brunch

April 17, 2019

When it comes to planning birthday get-togethers, I'd like to say I've mastered what it takes to plan the perfect weekend. However, when it comes to planning my special day, I always try and make the day fun for everyone.

As I was turning 27, I wanted to do something different too my previous birthday does.  I knew that going out clubbing and drinking on a night wasn't me anymore.  Instead, I prefer going out for a nice dinner, having one or two fancy cocktails and then wake up without a hangover. So what was the solution? Let's do boozy brunch!

As someone who was quite late to the party with boozy brunch party, I always liked the idea of having a tasty brunch dish or late breakfast with a fresh Bellini or glass prosecco.  I knew that this would be the best option for my friends and me as it fitted into their schedule and allowed people to get home safely and rise the next day without a painful headache. 

For my birthday brunch, I reserved a table at Banyan in Leeds as the bar was based in the city centre and was convenient for everyone to too. The menu catered to a range of dietary requirements and they had a mixture of drink choices gave the option to have bloody mary's, a glass of bubbly or a pint of beer - on tap of course!  

Outfit wise for the occasion, I wore this lovely heart printed dress from Nastygal as the retro style of the midi dress was the perfect frock to wear for a day to night scenario. Plus as it was my birthday, I wanted to wear something different and out of my comfort zone as I don't usually wear a long dress or anything close to my body.  

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