What to Wear for a Gig?

January 13, 2019

When it comes to picking an outfit to wear for a gig or concerts. There are two main things that you need always to remember when planning your look for the evening- sensible footwear and taking a good handbag.

When I go see bands or solo artists perform I tend to have a standing ticket. So, I’ve always made sure I’m wearing comfortable shoes that can allow me to enjoy the show without being in absolute agony. Along with that, I always ensure that I take a suitable bag with me, as you want to make sure your belongs are safe and free from pickpockets.

I recently went to see Tesseract at in London and thought I’d wear a heavy metal inspired look. For this outfit, I wore my Motel playsuit with my studded leather jacket and Dr Martens. I found that this attire was perfect for those scenarios when you’re stuck in a crowd surrounded by sweaty men and beer spillages.

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