Learning what Christmas is all about

December 26, 2018


This year we decided to celebrate Christmas in my second home which is in West Yorkshire. After spending years in Alsace with my family in France, it felt different spending the festivities in the UK. However, this wasn't the first time my family and I decided to have a smaller gathering.

Since the age of 7, my Christmas experience changed forever. I lost my father when I was young, and then in my teenage and young adult years, my grandparents passed away. Adjusting to the loss was hard especially when Christmas was always around the corner.  But I didn't let the sadness take over my life or Christmas traditions. As a family, we picked ourselves up and reminded one another of the importance of Christmas.

It's not about the presents or the food it's about spending quality time with the people that you love the most. Sure having a pile of gifts can be pretty overwhelming but I believe that traditions nowadays have changed and people are buying gifts just for the label rather than the thought. 

I grew up learning to value people, and that's why I always make sure I write a thoughtful message in Christmas cards. So I can remind my friends and family how much I appreciate them. While the gifts I bought friends and family contained a note or memory that we've shared.

This Christmas, in particular, made me reflect how lucky we are and how often people turn a blind eye to the disadvantage. That's why this year I made sure I donated to charities such as the Salvation Army as I was saddened by how many people live on the streets. On top of that today, I've begun my end of year wardrobe clear out which will aim to contribute towards donations for the Heart Foundation and Macmillan Cancer. What have you done this year to help charities and the community? I would love to hear your stories.

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