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L’espoir de ma vie is a blog written by a duo national (French and English) freelance journalist and blogger named Jo. This blog gives you a glimpse of her lifestyle and passion for fashion and styling.

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First Date Tips: A quick guide on how to prepare for your first online date.

Nowadays meeting a potential partner is sometimes harder than it should be. After investing so much time reading profiles and chatting to people with very little conversation on dating apps, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and give up on trying to meet someone online through a dating website. But when the right match is made it can often lead to great relationships or  in some cases marriage.  So consider this the start of your dating rule book, with athe first date and make sure you show the person you're meeting up with knows how great you are.


Depending on your first date location it's always worth checking the forecast prior to your meet up as you want to prepare on the day. So, no matter how fashionable you are be sensible when it comes to picking your attire as you don't want a wardrobe malfunction to happen.


Meeting face to face can be quiet a nerve wrecking experience however it's important to stay calm and be yourself when you're on a date. Keep conversation a float by finding out more each others careers, interests or ambitions in life and from there you'll be able to see if you have anything in common.


Reading signals is hard especially when you're on a first date. Whether that's a hug, kiss on the cheek or lips we’re all given an in sight by magazines, films or friends on what to expect on a first date. So rather worrying on what may happen, relax and be in the moment. Before you know it you’ll be flirting without you realising it. 


Dressing well is one part but having good manners is important especially when it comes to first impressions. Make sure you’re polite and if your date doesn’t have the same attitude you know not to waste your time on them.


Nowadays we all have the tendency to overlook on our smartphones and this bad habit can come up as being quite rude especially when you’re meeting with friends, family or a date. So, be respectful and put your mobile away and enjoy your time together.  


  1. I haven't been on so many online dates before, but to me, as snobbish one, my behavior is always a matter of how a partner of mine behaves themselves. It's quite convenient: if she's sort of party gal, you could feel yourself free to be sharp and spontaneous, if she's an intellectual one, you should be prepare for an interesting and long chat. But a better option is always to get to know the person I'd like to date IRL before date itself by doing some small talk over video chat more info here you may find it convenient for yourself as well. Furthermore, it would let you get rid of those awkward scenes when you meet somebody for the first time in real, and he or she appears to be quite weird and something


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