3 Things to Know If You're New to Online Dating

January 21, 2018

Whether it's a dating app or website many singletons across the globe are using the internet to find a potential suiter. Well that's what you think...

If you're new to the scene it's worth being aware of what you're letting yourself in for as I'll be honest with you there's a lot of unclarity. Sure, the element of swipping left and right can be fun especially when you find a good match. However, the excitement suddenly fades away once you find out that person isn't what they appear to be.

So, before you decide to let technology control your love life it might be worth taking some notes before you decide to click download.

Window shopping

The majority of singletons who use dating apps such as Tinder will in fact only log into their profiles and 'swipe' when they're bored. The term window-shoppping has become a phrase well known in the dating scene as men and women have grown into the habit of being partially interested in finding someone. So, if you make the move to say hi first and get no reply, it means they're only browsing the menu and not bothered about getting to know you.

Don't expect the guy to talk first

From a young age we've been told that men will always make the first move when it comes to romance . However this well-mannered gentleman doesn't seem to exist any more as  men have grown to be lazy when it comes to interaction.  Having said that apps such as Bumble let me women have their say first .  So , even if you don't another dating profile don't be afraid  to write the first message ladies.

Be clear with what you want

Most people who have a dating profile in fact won't have the courage to be open and say what they want from the start. Whether that's a one-night stand, casual sex attached or a potential relationship. It seems like many single people are too scared to put their cards on the table. So, stop beating around the bushes and just be honest as you'll get far more respect if you come clean.

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