Refresh your wardrobe this spring with these top cleaning hacks.

April 27, 2017


Spring back this season by giving your wardrobe that much needed cleanse . Most of us will agree that rummaging through a hefty pile of clothes may be one of the most overwhelming tasks known to man. However it can in fact help reduce stress, boost your productivity and help you burn a few extra calories on your Fitbit.

So reap in the benefits of throwing away your closest clutters by following these top tips which Dia&Co inspired me to put together.

Get Organised 
It's important to set up a station ready to help you break down the rails of garments and boxes of shoes . This will make the process much easier when you're ploughing through the loose items on your bedroom as you'll know simply what to keep, donate and put on Depop.

Pick a playlist 
A bit of background music will go a long way when you're getting down to business with your complete collection of clothes. Whether it's Spotify or Apple Music pick a set list which will allow to relax and have fun even if it's a guiltily playlist.

Pull everything out!
Don't be afraid to throw your items in the floor. Yank everything off the hangers and place them on the ground as this will help you spot the pieces which are over a year old clearly falling apart or have shrunk so bin them.

Keep or not to keep? 
After going through what may seem your life in fabric you may have create a pile of Keep or not to keep .  Sometimes without a second opinion it's hard for us to break away with some material which we've had history with. So, ask yourself these questions - Is it over a year old? Does it still fit? What can you style it with? Is it still
in a shopping bag? 

If you can't answer of these straight away then it means it's not worth hanging it back up.
Be a good samaritan and put in the clothes in a charity bag or if it still has a price tag on it try get a refund so you can get some money back. 

Keep yourself hydrated 
You're more than likely going to get thirsty during your clear out. Try to keep yourself fresh by drinking plenty of water and giving yourself some mini breaks.

Hold on to the staples
Make sure you put aside some staple items as it will make it easier for you to structure regularly go to looks. Think of items which can help you structure a capsule wardrobe such as mixture of denim - a pair of black skinny jeans, boyfriend/mom or ripped blue wash jeans, a light-coloured blazer a white shirt and printed dresses.

Make your work out wear more visible
Most of us have the tendency to put our gym outfits in a draw and forget about going for a run , attending that spin class or doing that weight training session. 

Instead give yourself that extra motivation and place your kit on a hanger as this will help encourage you to burn off that weekend take away and get a step closer to your fitness goal.

Plan your next purchases 
Your wardrobe may look a little empty now- don't panic this is normal!
Instead of rushing to the shops plan and repurchasing some old favourites. Think about giving yourself the challenge of trying something new and give yourself the confidence to try a new trend which will represent your sense of style.

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