Valentines Gifts Ideas For Him

February 11, 2015

001)   The guy who’s into his music or plays an instrument e.g. a guitar -  If you really want to pluck his heart strings get your music man a custom made plectrum.

002) The guy who’s  into  scifi or superhero films -  If you want to tickle his spidey senses how about you grab a comic which relates to a favourite movie or tv show he loves , I’m sure he will find it entertaining to read.

003) The guy who is well groomed  e.g. beard/ facial hair and likes to chill  – if you want to show him how to really appreciate some relaxation time introduce him to some beauty 
products which will benefit his current look and keep his skin smelling good and feeling soft.

004)  The guy who’s got a sense of humour-  Playing on tradition how about you play the romantic card and give the romantic themed a masculine twist. Treat you man to interesting hamper or floral bouquet which is filled with his favourite treats .
005)  The guy who’s into gaming -  If you really want to push his buttons , get a game 'upgrade ' package on the latest game he’s loving at the moment. Or if you're not sure what that may be for the majority of consoles you can purchase an  online top up which can be used for a current game or towards online gaming.

006) The guy who’s quite artistic e.g. into photography-  Stepping away from selfie stick…. if your man likes to pap some snaps consider looking iPhone camera gadgets .This fish eye lens set is practical for photographers who are always on the go.

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