How I create a sleek hair look using Easyhair's gel stick AD

September 10, 2020




What I Wore ♻️👇🏻
Strawberry print midi dress @depop
Necklace @sammimaria
Rings @daisy_jewellery
Earrings @astridandmiyu 

Hair like fashion is used in a way to express ourselves. We create a hairstyle which lets the world see our personality. However, switching up your look can reflect personal changes in your life, such as self-development and growth. During lockdown, I decided to change up my hair as I felt like my long locks lacked warmth.


But as you know going lighter means that you need to care of your the condition of locks so during the summer, I made sure I used natural products that were gentle on my scalp and reduced the number of styling tools I used by going for heat-free looks. But while testing out low maintenance hairstyles, I made sure that I used my @easyhairday as it helped control flyaways and gave me an effortlessly sleek look.

You can save 30% of your first purchase by using this code “LAUNCH30”. I’d love to see what looks you create using this smooth hair stick!

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