Celebrating my birthday in self-isolation

April 14, 2020

Like many people across the world,  I didn't expect to celebrate my 28th birthday in self-isolation. Before the Coronavirus hit the UK, Europe and the rest of the world I was planning to book a holiday to Bali. Luckily, I didn't prebook anything, and I'm glad I'm able to postpone the getaway to another time and safer for us to travel.  

The priority was to make sure everyone is safe at home and is self-isolating to protect themselves from these uncertain times, and that's why I didn't want to make a massive deal out of my birthday. I was quite happy celebrating my new age in the comfort of my home with a glass of fizz, tucking into some homemade french cuisine and birthday cake. But I didn't quite expect the day I had at all. 

Even though I was apart from the man I love, my best friends and my sister and her partner, I didn't feel the incredible sense of loneliness I had feared. I had one of the most relaxing and beautiful birthdays. I woke up to the sun beaming down into my room, I went for a morning run, and I was able to relax without any stress. I was able to enjoy my day without feeling like I was running around like a headless chicken. I could sit and take my time at my own pace. 

I enjoyed a lovely french themed afternoon tea in my backgarden in the sunshine with some homemade bucks fizz ( smooth orange juice and prosecco) and tucked into the birthday cake I made the night before which was delicious! Along with the sweet goodies, lovely face time chats and surprise birthday parcels which the postman left at my door step.

Some friends that lived locally messaged me in advance to let me know that they have left their gift at my front door for me to open while they stood far on my driveaway.  Even though I wasn't able to hug them, I was grateful for the effort they made to make this a special day for me.

The kindness from my friends, family and my boyfriend is something I'll never forget. They made my birthday in quarantine memorable, less painful and beautiful this will indeed be a moment I'll always remember and that I'm so glad that I managed to vlog the day.

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