28 things I've learnt since my last birthday

April 21, 2020

It's been a year since I last wrote about what I've learnt since my last birthday and it's safe to say I've so much more since my 27th birthday—this time around  I celebrated my birthday in self-isolation which like many others who have experienced this, I never saw coming. But rather than holding onto the fact, I was away from the people I love. I decided to use this opportunity to be selfless and spend the time to work on myself as time was my greatest gift.

So here are 28 things that have learned since my birthday:

1) I've become a lot more patient and have understood that things happen that are out of our control

2) I learnt to be selfless and put my needs first.

3) I've stopped caring about what I look like in the mirror. I've learnt to accept my body and embrace my curves by wearing clothes that enhance my shape.

4) I returned to France over the festive period to spend some quality time with my family, which is something I haven't done since my grandparents passed away.

5) I've learnt that communication is vital to help relationships and friendships grow and that we shouldn't be afraid to express our feelings.

6) I've started to blog more regularly, and I'm uploading youtube videos up to 3 times a week!

7) I've joint the TikTok bandwagon ( username -lespoirdemavie25)  and have begun to create some fun outfit and comedy like videos.

8) I have started to open up more on social media, and I'm no  longer afraid to show my vulnerability as I know that others can relate to my experiences.

9) I explored Italy and fell in love with the countries picturesque coastline and fantastic cuisine.

10) I've learnt to enjoy myself more and treat myself to a meal out or takeaway without feeling guilty.

11) I've become extremely thrift savvy and love sharing my vintage styling tips.

12) I've picked up on some useful fashion hacks that have helped people save money and invest in clothing which will transform their wardrobe.

13) I've become a lot more financially aware and have learnt to spend my money wisely and give other people some helpful budget-saving tips.

14 ) I've had my fashion and lifestyle tips shared in the media, which has shown me how my content and experience can help others across the world.

15) I've learned to eat a balanced diet and eat more protein in my diet, especially for breakfast - thank you Form!

16) I've learned to split my weekends by having time with my friends, partner and on my own as I feel less burnt out.

17) I've learnt that people will try and bring down my vibe and that I shouldn't let their negativity impact how I feel.

18) I've learnt that I shouldn't change who I am, and friends, family and partner appreciate everything I do.

19) I've learnt to chill out and stop overthinking - Focus on the present and stop worrying about the future.

20) I've taken the time to read more and learn more about self-love, self-care and growth, which has allowed me to become resilient and wiser.

21) Since having Laura as my online coach and PT she shown me the benefits of  training consistantly and progressive overload.

22) I've also managed to adjust my workouts at home or when I'm on the go by taking a fitness kit with me. I've not avoided working out whenever I've travelled or have been in self-isolation as it's helped with my anxiety.

26) Since being in self-isolation, I've witnessed how the pandemic has brought people closer, and we have started to appreciate one another and make an effort to call and chat on facetime.

27) Spending my birthday in self-isolation has shown how much I've learnt over time. I didn't let myself crumble or get sad, I stayed strong, and I've carried on with my life. I've made sure that I'm using this time now to follow my passion.

28) I've made a promise to myself that when things start to gradually go back to normal that I won't forget what I've accomplished and learnt since being on my own at home. I will maintain to have 'me time' and continue to invest more time into my blog, Instagram and YouTube channel.

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