My festival survival guide: here's what you need to buy!

June 11, 2019

If it's your first time going to a festival and you're unsure what to pack I'm here to help you out and give you some helpful advice to make sure you last the whole weekend.

When it comes to attending a festival in the UK, you'll have to prepared for rainfall, mud and a tiny bit of sunshine but even though the weather isn't the best it doesn't dim your experience trust me!

My first festival experience was in 2009 at Leeds Festival, I went with my best friend Laura and a few people we were friends in year 12 & 13, and it was a great experience. We continued to attend the same festival until 2011, but then I took a break as I no longer liked the lineup and felt slightly too old for the Yorkshire scene.

I've learned so much from my experiences at Leeds Fest. So, I thought I'd put together a leeds of things you need to survive festivals in the UK:

GET A GOOD TENT: Don't go for a popup tent aim to get a tent which is waterproof and gives you enough space to store your snacks, drinks, and clothes. I purchased a two-person tent from Trespass as at the Junction 42 outlet in Castleford. However, you can find the same on their website.

GET A GOOD SLEEPING BAG AND EXTRA COVERS: You'll be surprised how cold it can get in a tent! The temperatures can pretty chilly at night, so I suggest getting yourself a good sleeping bag and some extra covers to keep yourself warm and stop yourself from catching the festival flu - trust me it's a thing.

BRING A YOGA MATT OR AIR BED: Laying on the ground can be pretty uncomfortable. However, one of the hacks I discovered at Leeds Fest was people using air beds and yoga mats to rest on as you'll be able to sleep much more comfortably.

BUY WELLIES: Wellies are must, and I recommend wearing them for most of the weekend as it's going to get muddy.  I witnessed so many people make some terrible footwear choices, and they ended up sliding on the floor and losing shoes. I found some great wellies on eBay which fitted my size 3 and legs.

BUY A CAMPING BACKPACK: I wish I had discovered this hack much sooner, but I used to use my old Roxy backpack when I attend Leeds Festival 2009-2011. However, in 2016, I got myself a backpacker style bag, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was able to fit my clothes, food and some drinks in there along with my sleeping bag and yoga matt which made carrying my alcohol and tent much easier!

STOCK UP ON KNEE SOCKS: Following from my footwear recommendation, I suggest packing several pairs of knee socks to wear in your wellies. You can find some great socks at Primark and in other high street stores like New Look, which can allow you to wear your wellies without getting blisters.

BUY A MAC RAINCOAT: A raincoat is a must to take with you at the festival as it will keep you dry and save you from getting drench when the weather goes sour.

BUY A PLASTIC WATER BOTTLE: Keep yourself hydrated by taking a 1/2 litre plastic bottle with you as you'll be able to refill the bottle at the water points for free.

WEAR SPF: If you're not wearing makeup with any SPF, suncream is a must to take with you as you want to protect your skin from UV Ray damage and from getting sunstroke.

TAKE A MINI TORCH: At most camping sights there's not much lighting so to avoid tripping over tent ropes. I would pack a small torch with you and keep it young handbag at all times as it will be helpful if you need to get back to your tent or need to go the loo.

BABY WIPES, HAND TISSUES AND ANTI BAC: Most people don't shower at a festival- I know it sounds grim, but it's true. From seeing what the shower facilities were like, I also admit I avoided the shower facilities until I went home, however, during my time away from a clean bathroom. I used baby wipes, and cleansing wipes to keep my body and skin clean. However, whenever I went to the toilet, I always used my antibacterial gel, I took a pack of tissues with me.

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