Budget friendly outfits to wear for a Graduation, Wedding or Race Day

June 27, 2019

Finding the right outfit for Graduation, Wedding, or Race Day can be a rather stressful experience. You can get easily overwhelmed by sales and new in items on the high street and forget about buying an item which embraces your sense of style. In the past, I made a mistake of buying dresses and jumpsuits, which were only worn once and was a complete waste of money.   Rather than wasting your cash and space in your wardrobe. I decided to make a quick order online on Nastygal as I noticed that they had a special occasion section on their website and they had a 50% off sale! I decided to pick this brand as it one of the few fashion brands that represent my taste in fashion and can also help inspire you to make a sensible investment which will help find you an outfit which captures your personality.

All of the items that I picked in this haul added up to less than £35 this includes dresses, jumpsuit, and heels! Alongside the bargain price tag, all of these items can be worn again for more than one occasion.

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