How to make your hair grow faster

February 26, 2019

The secret to growing long healthy hair is making sure that you have a regular trim. Yeah, that's right, chopping off a few centimeters can increase the growth rate and allow your hair to look much healthier.

So how often should you go for the chop?

Depending on your hairstyle you need to take into the account the condition of your hair. Do you bleach it or dye it regularly? Do you have a shorter haircut? Or are you like me who forgets to book an appointment and deals with dry and split end hair?  If so you need to change the way you look after your long locks.

Hair products can only go so far with helping maintain a hairstyle as hair masks, oils, and deep conditioners temporarily give shine and nutrition to your hair. Some of the best products I've ever used are from Kérastase as they help protect your hair from straighteners, curling tongs or hairdryers. However, if you use heating tools regularly, it's important to make sure you that you trim your hair at least every 4 months.

I used to go up to 6 months without cutting my hair as I believed that was the way of growing long hair. But after a few months of avoiding scissors, I noticed how dry and weak my hair looked. So, I decided that I would get my hair appointment booked in much sooner.

Last month I visited my hairdresser Amy at her home salon to get a hair cut, blow dry and style. We decided to remove nearly 2 inches of my ends which may seem like a lot but trust me it was needed!

After Amy had finished curling my hair, I remember looking in the mirror and feeling a new sense of confidence as my balayage coloured hair looked so shiny and was so much better to style. The layers stopped my hair from tangled, and it now takes less time to use my GHD's.  So don't be afraid to trim your hair ladies as it will grow back!

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  1. Great post! It's definitely a motivator to get my hair cut now! Can't even remember the last time I got it cut!!