A Surprise Trip to Florence

March 26, 2019

Last year, I went on a one of a kind trip to Florence for my birthday. My family kindly came together to take me away to Italy as they knew that I’ve been lusting to see more of Europe.

I feel in love with Italian culture after my trip to Venice. The beautiful architecture, colourful homes, and Italian food and language is what kept me wanting to see more.

I found out about this fantastic getaway four days before my birthday. I remember my mum letting it slip that I was going to Florence. I was genuinely taken by surprise as I didn’t expect such a thoughtful gesture.

It was an experience and weekend away that I needed at the time as my mental health was taking a toll on me. Going away with my loved ones reminded me that there’s so much more to see in the world and experience as a person.

My favourite spots were the dome and cathedral, the Ponte Vecchio bridge, gardens and seeing the world famous The birth of Venus painting and Statue of David.  The food was also incredible as you got a real taster of Firenze cuisine which had a mixture of cheese and meat sandwiches, pistachio carbonara or gelato or tiramisu for dessert- honestly it was heaven!

Over three days, I was able to view the whole city without it feeling rushed. I visited some of the cities most historical locations without having to queue as I purchased a weekend pass from the tourist office and a spot in advance or
45 which gave us early access to see the dome get and incredible view of the city.

If you're planning to book a trip to Florence soon, I'd recommend checking out Lonely Planets travel guide as it helped set up my itinerary for a city break.

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