Dinner at Santorini Bar & Grill

October 13, 2018

Experience mouth-watering Greek and Turkish cuisine in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Santorini Bar & Grill is one of best spots in the city if you're craving Mediterranian food.

The beautifully decorated restaurant is located in the heart of Headingley, Leeds and serves a variety of authentic dishes made from only the finest and freshest ingredients which gives you the opportunity to try a range of dishes that cater to a range of dietary needs.

The menu gives you the opportunity to discover more about authentic Greek and Turkish cuisine. From the varied meze platters and slow cooked Kleftiko to homemade Mousaka and imported Mythos and Efes beers. Santorini Bar & Grill gives you a real flavour of the culinary delights of the Aegean and captures the cultural experience of dining abroad in such a wonderful location in Europe.

 It's variety of food choices gives you the opportunity to try a range of dishes which meet your food cravings. My go to dishes is the Hot Meze platter which is the perfect starter if you and your dining campanion are looking to try a range of classic Aegan nibbles. However for my main I went for my go too Greek favourite the Lamb Mousaka which is unreal. 

To find out more about Satorini Bar & Grills delicious menu check it out here: http://santorinileeds.co.uk/ 

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