City Break Accessories

June 07, 2015

                               Bag - H&M , Waist belt- Topshop , Sandal Heels & Watch- Urban Outfitters , 
                         Jewellery - H&M, Scarf- ASOS & Lipstick -Mac -Brick-o-la.

Selecting accessories which are within a neutral palette, will make your outfit planning a lot easier when it comes to packing for a short break.  With each outfit you’ll be able to give your look a city chic touch as the warm brown tones and leather accents will give you a more put together look.

Bags - A good sized shoulder bag is the most practical and safest on the go sack , as you’ll be able to keep your camera, phone and purse within arm reach however make sure you bring one which has a shoulder strap as you wouldn’t want it to snap.  As well depending on your location, If you’re heading to warmer climate opt for a side bag which is more of brown or cooler tone as it will  as it will draw the sun away from your bag and stop it from burning your arm and heating up your gadgets. 

HeelsWhen it comes to packing shoes you want to think about what is practical as more than likely you’ll be doing a lot of walking. A wooden sandal heel is the best option when it comes to grabbing the right city break shoe , as not only will the wooden block battle against uneven surfaces but it give you some extra height but it will keep your toes and soles of your feet comfy whilst tackling those cobbled paths. 

Waist Belt A waist belt is an essential in your accessories travel kit as the leather belt will help define your body shape.  Select a waist belt which is within neutral colour palette and contains metallic accents as not only will the embellishment give your outfit a touch of glam but most of it will help you give you the right guide line when it comes to picking out jewellery for your look.

Jewellery  Aim to select the simplest pieces out of your jewellery collection as the minimal themed bijoux will give your outfit an artistic touch . As well the silver or gold collar and ear pieces will help finish your outfit as it will compliment the rest of your neutral toned accessories such as your waist belt and bag. Add a suttle pop of colour to your look through wrist wear like watches. Which can colour coordinate with your favourite lipstick. 

Scarf- Whether it’s a light weight or thick a neck-wrap will not only give your outfit a boost of colour and pattern but it’s multi purpose use will not only help protect you against the UV rays and cold weather . But it can also be used as a blanket or throw for a holiday picinic whether that’s sat on the grass  in front of the Effiel Tower or on Barcelona’s luxurious sandy beach. 

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  1. I love these tips! I need to start living by these rules because I get in such a tiswas when packing!
    Bee xxx