Traveller Tips For Berlin

May 14, 2015

The pocket friendly booklet written by Lonely Planet is ideal for any tourist who wants to learn the basics about Berlin, as the travel guide highlights the top sights to see along with inspiring you to explore into the German nightlife and of course indulge into some delicious multi cultural cuisine.  With its pull out map the booklet provides a detailed layout of the city as it outlines the main attractions and metro stops, which makes your on the go exploring much easier as you’re able to plan your route. However standing aside from its insightful information about the local German lifestyle and must- see sights. The booklet doesn’t give you all the practical tips that you may need, especially if this it’s going to be your first time going to Berlin.

Limited Metro signs and tourist information - If you’re starting your journey from Schönefeld Airport you’ll shortly realise that there’s no information booths or signs, which will help guide to your accommodation whether that’s a hotel , B&B or flat. Purchasing a bag friendly tour guide will help you get round the basic of the metro route as the underground and over ground route displays are not very clear in the station as it does not follow the same rail plan as other cities like Paris and London.

Apart from the little blips of navigation the ticket machines offer tourists a great rail card deal, as the WelcomeCard  (€29) provides tourists with up to five days worth of unlimited rail access and discount towards some of the cities most popular attractions.

Checking out the sights -  The tourist attractions are fairly priced even without the Welcome Card discount you're able to explore the majority of Berlin's actechicture and historical sights without any finacial issues as the entry fees vary between 15-20 . If you're interested in taking a city bus tour please be aware there's two separate buses which can take you around the city  . The tickets cost roughly 12.50 (Welcome card discount ) and can be purchased in advance online or at the Alexanderplatz stop just next to the German Market.

The Markets – Depending on when you go visit Berlin there’s no traditional weekend markets that you’ll tend to find in other European cities .However you can find a dainty German market within the high street quarter in  Alexanderplatz, which is filled with unique souvenir shops and tasty treats such as Nutella Crêpes , Churros , Pfeffernüsses and authentic heart shaped ginger bread cookies .
No traditional German restaurants or bars- Apart from the cities well known Curry Wurst and Pretzles stands you wont find anything else that gives your taste buds a real taste of Germany’s cuisine.  As well alcoholic wise apart from the sophisticated cocktail bars you wont be able to find any traditional beerkeillers in Berlin.

Stepping away from wanting to try some pure German grub and beverages. Berlin’s multi cultural menu gives you the opportunity to try various restaurants that are catered to all nutritional needs.  So If you’re after a taste bud tingling repas try out the tapas restaurant in Hackescher Markt .As well for those of you who have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to check out the Häagen-Dazs café as the desserts are delightful.

On the go goodies - Keeping hydrated and well nourished is important when you’re on the go especially when you’re on a city break.  Within Berlin there’s plenty of Starbucks cafes located near the key sightseeing locations. However if this isn’t in your budget there's plenty of small  supermarkets scattered around the city centre which will allow you to stock up on water and some snacks to keep you energized.

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