Scale of Evil

October 31, 2013

                                                            Dress(*)-Oh my love, Boots-Topshop.
                                                                    Close up of scale make up 

001)          Halloween is traditionally known for it's creepy and gruesome looking outfits, which are based on scary stories or characters from horror film such as vampires 'Dracula',witches, monsters 'Frankenstein', mythological creatures, devils and even zombies. Even though this particular day is all about embracing your inner darkness, it has been acceptable to take inspiration from terrifying looking figures and put your own spin on it by mixing it into your own personal style.

002)         For this years Halloween themed outfit, I was inspired by the evil Greek mythological monster Medusa who had living snakes in her hair , which turned her victims into stone. I recreated this serpent look by wearing my python skater dress, as it's triangular cut out waist detail and vibrant cold blooded  print gave an edgy twist to my carnivorous reptile look. Shoes wise I wore my chelsea ankle boots as it's androgynous style gave a masculine touch to my colourful outfit.  Finally make up wise I recreated the dresses design by creating a scale print around my eyes, which matched the colour scheme of my outfit.

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