The Faux Jumpsuit

May 01, 2013

001)          Following up from my Kelly Brook inspired celebrity style post. I thought I would show you guys how you can revamp the all black look , which women traditionally wear for work , as the chic style of black garments can make a woman look smart and sexy.

002)           This spring and summer season is all about reworking tailored pieces into a more sophisticated but yet glamorous look. For this look , I was inspired by the 80's jumpsuit as this stuctured piece is a key piece to wear this season. This fashionable onesie looks great on a range of body shapes , as it creates and compliments curves. Jumpsuits are normally tailored for taller women , which is unfortunate for petite frames. However I created an outfit that gives the illusion that you're wearing a jumpsuit, which is perfect for you ladies if you're wanting to change up your work wardrobe.

                                                    Peplum-New Look, Chinos-Primark, Belt-Missguided(*), 
 Loafers- Primark & Necklace-Ever Ours.

003)         For this look quirky all black look ,  I wore my peplum top over my chinos , as it turned the separate garments into a jumpsuit. And I liked how the  feminine style of the peplum complimented the embellished textures in my chinos.

004)     Accessory wise I picked edgy accessories for this look such as my Alexander McQueen inspired skull waist belt and studded rose gold necklace , as it gave my faux jumpsuit some attitude. On the other hand if you're wanting to try out this look for a work occasion. I would stick within neutral accessories , as it work less fierce and more appropriate for formal wear. Shoes wise I wore my tan cut out loafers as this summery flat shoe gave a subtle hint of colour to my look and complimented my ombré  hair.

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