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L’espoir de ma vie is a blog written by a duo national (French and English) freelance journalist and blogger named Jo. This blog gives you a glimpse of her lifestyle and passion for fashion and styling.

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Focus on your self-growth journey by letting go of social expectations

What I Wore♻️👇🏻
Recycled RHCP & Blink-182 bikini - made by @lespoirdemavie Learning to let go of social expectations has allowed me to focus on my self-growth journey. I’ve learnt that taking a step beck and giving myself some time to work through some mental barriers has genuinely given me …

How 90s films influenced my sense of style

10 things I hate about you t-shirt @truffleshufflecom (gifted)Pleated tartan skirt @depopNecklace @sammimariaRings @daisy_jewellery

Apart from wearing band t-shirts, I love to mix up my causal outfits by wearing other types of memorabilia which helps captures my sense of style and love for other for…

Reasons why flipping my script has changed my life

What I Wore♻️👇🏻
Wrap top @blue.rinse.vintage
Mom jeans @thevintagekilosale
Necklace @sammimaria
Rings @daisy_jewellery
In society, we are lead to believe that instant gratification will help remind us of our self-worth, but the truth is you being you is more than enough! I’ve gone through those neg…

Style hack: Pairing your go-to summery dresses with your favourite denim shorts

During the summer season, I like to put myself out of comfort zone and experiment with different colours which I don’t usually wear. I got this beautiful lilac dress as one of my birthdays gifts, and I’ve not stopped wearing it since April. I like how the pastel dress makes such a gorgeous outf…

Rediscovering your self-confidence while dating after lockdown

What I Wore♻️👇🏻
Leopard print silk dress @depop
Necklace @sammimaria
Rings @daisy_jewellery
When it comes to finding out identity, we’ve got to experiment with our sense of style and create outfits which best represent who we are and our beautiful qualities. One of these areas that I like explori…

How sustainable swimsuits have helped boost my self-confidence

What I Wore ♻️👇🏻
Attica Swimsuit - Dorina  (gifted)
Turtle print hair scarf - Recycled from @lush gift
Rings @daisy_jewellery
You have a choice of what you want to wear at the beach, pool or in your back garden and if the idea of wearing a two-piece isn’t something that you’re comfortable with th…

Here's what i've learnt from prioritising my well-being

What I Wore♻️👇🏻
Crop top @popboutiqueleeds
Necklace @sammimaria
Rings @daisy_jewellery

Paying attention to your well-being is essential for your self-growth journey, especially if you feel like you’ve hit a wall and have no control of a situation you’re facing. However, during this moment of unce…

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How sustainable swimsuits have helped boost my self-confidence
What I Wore ♻️👇🏻 Attica Swimsuit - Dorina  (gifted) Turtle print hair scarf - Recycled from @lush …