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L’espoir de ma vie is a blog written by a duo national (French and English) freelance journalist and blogger named Jo. This blog gives you a glimpse of her lifestyle and passion for fashion and styling.

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Two ways to embrace your sense of style while you work from home

What I Wore ♻️πŸ‘‡πŸ» Trooper tshirt - Iron Maiden - @blue.rinse.vintage Tartan blazer @thevintagekilosale Blue Levis shorts @blue.rinse.vintage Necklace @sammimaria Rings @daisy_jewellery
Deciding what to wear while you work from home can often be overwhelming as it’s quite tempting to stay in pyjamas or l…

Use your downtime in self-isolation to boost your self-confidence

What I Wore πŸ‘‡πŸ»♻️
Harley Davidson Bikini - made by lespoirdemavie (LDMVBIKINS)
Life in self-isolation has impacted our lifestyle, social interactions, work-life and mental health. We’ve separated ourselves from loved ones, we’ve adjusted adjusted to new working environments, and breaking away fro…

Restyling vintage scarf wrap tops with some multi-seasonal wardrobe basics

What I WoreπŸ‘‡πŸ»♻️ Scarf print wrap top - Wear it Best
Knit midi skirt - Blue Rinse Vintage
Necklace -Sammi Maria
Rings - Daisy Jewellery
During self-isolation, I’ve found fun and innovative ways of restyling some basics from my wardrobe with different styles of clothing to help make these looks a lot …

A recycled fashion look made from secondhand items I've purchased on Depop

What I Wore πŸ‘‡πŸ» Vintage KISS band t-shirt- Depop  £12 American Apparel pleated/ tennis style skirt - Depop £10 ( RRP - £45)  

Last month, I challenged myself to find some top quality and rare vintage finds on Depop to help show you the benefits of shopping more sustainably and how it can transform…

Getting creative during self-isolation and making sustainable and upcycled swimwear

What I Wore πŸ‘‡πŸ»
Blink-182 & RHCP bikini πŸ‘™ - Upcycled swimwear made by lespoirdemavie
During my time in self-isolation, I’ve felt inspired to get creative and design clothing which is suistainble and made from vintage garments. One of the first challenges I set myself was to make swimwear as…

A throwback 90s grunge outfit made from vintage and recycled items from Depop

What I WoreπŸ‘‡πŸ»
Iron Maiden t-shirt- Depop
Iron Maiden denim jacket - Wear it North
Plaid skirt - Depop
Necklace - Sammi Maria
Rings - Daisy Jewellery
One of my favourite ways to style band t-shirts is with remade or recycled items that I’ve found in charity shops, vintage shops or on apps like Depop.…

Giving my summer wardrobe some Hollywood style glam

What I WoreπŸ‘‡πŸ»
Dress - Motel Rocks
Men’s red denim jacket - Vintage fair find
Belt - Blue Rinse Vintage
Necklace - Sammi Maria Jewellery
Rings - Daisy Jewellery After taking inspiration from some hit Hollywood and ’90s themed tv shows on Netflix, I thought I would show you a new way of styling vintag…

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